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Find Designer and Custom Bathtubs at Blackman

Whether you want a long relaxing soak at the end of a rough day, or you need an energizing airbath to lift the body and mind, consider a custom bathtub. Designer bathtubs are a step above the norm, elevating your bathing experience to a spa level. Visit a Blackman luxury showroom and let us help find or create the perfect designer bathtub to meet your individual needs. We’ll help you select or design one that works perfectly within your allotted bathroom space.

Types of Designer Bathtubs

Why not bring your favorite spa experience right inside your home? Designer bathtubs are very different from the standard 14-inch deep tubs found in most typical bathrooms. A designer bathtub offers a completely unique experience. Durable and simply beautiful, the exclusive tubs you'll find in one of Blackman's showrooms feature:

  • Whirlpool options for a therapeutic and invigorating spa-like experience that massages, revitalizes and revives tired muscles
  • Airbaths that provide calming, tranquil experiences and allow for the use of scented soaps and lotions
  • Baths with features like aroma and chromatherapy with soothing lights and scents to relax and rejuvenate
  • Deep soaking tubs like Kohler's Greek Bath and overflowing Sok tub that provides an experience like an infiniti pool
  • Elegant tubs carved out of stone or hammered out of metal to provide a heightened sensory experience

Design a Custom Bathtub

In addition to these luxury options, a Blackman expert designer will help you design a custom bathtub with the following choices:

  • Material: Blackman carries Stone Forest tubs, which can be made to order from exotic stone or metal
  • Size: Get a tub that will fit your space and body, with options to fit one, two or more people
  • Color: Many tubs can be designed in specific hues to match other fixtures
  • Jets: Blackman carries well known luxury brands like Bain Ultra that will customize your tub with air jets, chromatherapy and back warmers. Kohler also has VibrAcoustic technology-based sound therapy to ease tension.

Envelop yourself in opulence with a designer bathtub. Visit a Blackman showroom to see the wide selection of luxury and custom bathtubs. We’ll even work with your interior designer and/or contractor. Let our experts show you how to create the tub of your dreams.