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Modern and Traditional Clearwater Tubs by Americh at Blackman

Whether your bathroom is ultra-modern or uber-traditional, a freestanding bathtub can help bring the entire design together. Clearwater bathtubs from Americh are a series of modern, natural stone and traditionally-styled tubs with European style and elegance. Placed in the center of a master bathroom, these freestanding tubs will become the focal point of your entire design. Let Blackman's expert designers show you how to highlight them well.

Freestanding Clearwater Tubs by Americh: The Focus of the Room

Custom bathrooms call for Clearwater tubs from Americh. A beautiful centerpiece, these bathtubs are designed with a twin-skinned acrylic shell that is lightweight, yet extremely durable, making them simple and easy to install in any household. They come in a wide range of styles and are perfect for incorporating into all types of custom designs. Blackman’s design experts will help determine which style and size soaking tub is right for you.

Choose from traditional looks, such as:

  • Slipper Plinth-style
  • Dual plinth
  • Double slipper
  • Roll top and dual roll top

Or explore modern designs, including:

  • Egg and tear drop silhouettes
  • Square, rectangular or oval shapes
  • Tubs set in a wooden or metal base frame

Clearwater has tubs that will fit any size room, such as their Baby Bath, which is a 4.5 gallon tub with a traditional style set of claw feet.

Design Your Bathroom Around a Clearwater Tub by Americh

Freestanding Clearwater bathtubs from Americh require a bathroom that's built around them. Blackman can help you coordinate the style, shape and size of tub that best fits the space you’re designing. We’ll assist you with selecting eye-catching tile to highlight your new freestanding tub and determine the right kind of tub filler. Visit a Blackman designer showroom today. We’ll help you find the perfect way to incorporate a Clearwater tub into your bathroom design and lifestyle.