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Discover Designer Toilets at Blackman

Toilets should not only be functional, they must blend seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom. The vast selection at Blackman far surpasses the standard models you’d find at a hardware or big-box store. In fact, Blackman’s designer toilets are in a class of their own, offering a variety of designs and cutting-edge technologies. Your local Blackman showroom carries Kohler toilets with heated seats and matching pedestal sinks, as well as a multitude of styles and brands to complement every bathroom in your home.

Why Should You Buy a Designer Toilet?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about purchasing a designer toilet, but consider their importance. Not only do toilets serve a purpose, they’re an integral part of your bathroom’s overall look. You’ve carefully planned the update or renovation of your bathroom, so why hold back on this essential component?

When finalizing the details of your new design, be certain that your toilet matches the rest of your efforts. The chic Kohler toilets found at Blackman have innovative features that will complement the style of the room, including:

  • Luxury options, such as heated seats or bidet features
  • Residential Wall-hanging toilets to increase the visual floor space
  • One or two-piece designs to accommodate a variety of preferences
  • Decorative tanks and bowls that match the sink and tub details
  • Round, elongated, or compact-elongated designs to fit any bathroom
  • Retro designs and features such as pull chains for Victorian-style bathrooms
  • Innovative flush technology to keep your toilet clog free and running smoothly
  • Concealed tanks that sit inside the wall and bring a minimalist look to your bathroom

Coordinating Your Designer Toilet with Your Bathroom

With the number of different technology options available today, it can feel overwhelming to find just the right shape, color and size of toilet. Blackman can help you navigate the choices and determine the perfect model to suit your individual needs and unique space.

When you visit a Blackman showroom, our design experts will help you discover exactly how a Kohler toilet can perfectly coordinate with the sink and tub in its suite. See firsthand examples of some of the most cutting-edge designs and technologies. This heightened visual experience makes it much easier to finalize your selection.