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Designer Kitchen Faucets at Blackman

Think of all you do with your kitchen faucets, such as cooking a gourmet meal, washing dish after dish, filling up pitchers and more. You need a quality kitchen faucet that’s both beautiful and keeps up with the heavy workload.

Blackman showcases a full line of kitchen sink faucets, galley faucets, pot fillers, bar/entertainment faucets and laundry faucets. Your personal design consultant will help you select the right faucet for you with features like pull-down sprays, hands free/touchless operation and filtered water. The designer kitchen faucets at Blackman are created to exceed your daily needs. And they’re perfect for bar and entertainment sinks and laundry rooms, too.

Many Types of Kitchen Faucets

Your kitchen faucet needs to function properly day after day, year after year, and match and complement the style of your kitchen. It also needs to be easy to operate and clean. The designer kitchen faucets found in a Blackman luxury showroom are high performance. From the popular LadyLux series by Grohe, to the American made brass casings of a Watermark faucet, the quality styles found at Blackman give you several options, such as:

  • Matching suited faucets for your main sink, bar sink, entertainment sink and laundry room sink
  • Galley faucets with tall pull down sprays to clean out even the largest pots and pans
  • Pot fillers to install at your stove so you no longer have to carry a full pot of water
  • Faucets with pull down sprays for a sleek, uncluttered style
  • Optional side sprays or a stand-alone side spray that can be added to any faucet
  • Many different finishes and styles so your faucet can match any kitchen design

Choosing the Right Faucet for You

Whether you stop in to a Blackman showroom on your own or come in with your kitchen designer or contractor, the expert consultants at Blackman can help you find the perfect faucet for your kitchen area. We'll help you consider important things like:

  • Size and placement of the kitchen faucets
  • Number of holes or drillings in your countertop
  • The reach of the faucet combined with the size of your sink
  • One handle, two handles or hands-free
  • Pull-out, pull-down, articulating or bridge faucet
  • Primary or secondary purpose

Your kitchen faucets have a tough job to do. Form and function are important when you make your final selections. Visit a Blackman luxury showroom today and we’ll help you find the kitchen faucet that’s perfectly suited to your home and unique tastes.