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Light Up Your Kitchen and Bath at Blackman

Pendant lights, chandeliers, sconces, wall-mounted'll want to showcase your newly designed kitchen and bath upon completion. Illuminate your life with proper kitchen lighting fixtures and bathroom lighting fixtures from top manufacturers. Proper lighting is a key component to these main rooms in your home.

View every detail in the bathroom mirror. See clearly while you cut vegetables in the kitchen. Lighting effects how well you function and complete these tasks and more. It can also be a mood setter and adapt to various times of the day. Blackman carries a full range of different kitchen lighting fixtures and bathroom lighting fixtures designed to help light up your bathroom or kitchen like never before. Your new lighting will be strategically placed and conveniently positioned for your individual needs.

Types of Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen lighting fixtures range dramatically. Kitchens are often large areas with several different work stations, each of which needs its own task lighting. While some kitchen lighting is unobtrusive, many types attract nearly as much attention as your cabinets and countertops do. Blackman carries a full range of different options for you to choose from, such as designer glass pendants in beautiful colors, or size-appropriate chandeliers to hang over your kitchen table. When you turn to Blackman for your kitchen lighting fixtures, you also have the benefit of matching or contrasting finish and color with other parts of your kitchen, such as the faucet or glass tile in your backsplash.

Styles of Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting fixtures can differ tremendously from kitchen lighting fixtures. While pendants and chandeliers can be found in both the kitchen and bathroom, wall sconces and medicine cabinet lighting are usually limited to the bathroom. Blackman can provide you with bathroom lighting fixtures to not only illuminate your bathroom, but also coordinate with the rest of the design. Explore the lines of lighting from Troy Lighting and Hudson Valley that can match your accessories, or from Kohler to perfectly compliment your faucets. They have countless other styles and designs to choose from to match any style bathroom.

Relax at Blackman

You've probably made at least a hundred decisions during your remodel, so when it's time to pick out the bathroom or kitchen lighting, let our experts help find the perfect lighting fixtures for you. Come into one of our stress-free showrooms today.