Blackman Green
Q. Will Blackman work with my contractor to assure that the selections I have made will work on my project?  
A. Yes, as a matter of our normal sales procedure we encourage contractors to review a customers selection with us before the order is finalized.

Q. Will Blackman deliver my order when it is complete?  
A. Yes, Blackman runs a full fleet of delivery vehicles that service the entire New York-Long Island metropolitan area (Minimal delivery charges may apply.)

Q. Do I need an appointment to visit a Blackman showroom?  
A. No, appointments are not required, and all are welcome to visit a Blackman showroom at any time. However, to truly experience the benefits of a Blackman designer showroom, we encourage you to call for an appointment at your nearest location. An appointment will ensure that you'll enjoy a relaxing, comprehensive design session with a Blackman consultant.