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Luxury Glass Shower Doors

Create a new dimension in your bathroom with a luxury glass shower door. Whether you want to make your small bathroom appear larger, bring in natural light, show off your new custom tile work, put the finishing touches on your new spa bath, or make your shower area opaque, a hinged shower door or sliding shower door can make all the difference. Come visit a Blackman showroom to discover how Glasstec and Centec shower doors will perfectly fit into your exciting new bathroom design or upgrade.

Designing a Shower Door

Glass shower enclosures come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and glass types. They can be one, two, or three-sided, have transoms, open outward or slide, reach the ceiling or stop a foot below it, and be framed or frameless. Sliding shower doors can save space, while traditional swinging doors can create a dramatic entrance. Of course, shower doors must keep moisture from the rest of your bathroom. That's where the experts at Blackman can help; they’ll narrow down the right size, shape, and style of your new shower enclosure. A few of the options you'll find at Blackman include:

  • The choice of French or sliding shower doors for tub enclosures
  • Choice of glass thickness, as well as glass style including frosted, Starfire, or wave
  • Choice of framed or frameless doors
  • Choice of framed or frameless sliding shower doors
  • Stationary splash panels for open showers
  • Choice of metal finish for the door's hardware
  • Optional towel rails and choice of handles on the doors
  • Diamon-Fusion – a protective coating that will prevent water spots
  • Shower Doors made specifically for a certain shower receptor

Getting the Right Fit

Form and function effectively collide with a custom shower door. Whether you choose to have a Glasstec door custom-designed and built for a large walk-in shower, or you select a quality ready-to-install Centec sliding shower doors, the specialists at Blackman can help you find the style and choice that’s right for you. Your new custom shower door will fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

Stop into our stress-free Blackman showroom at any stage of your bathroom remodel. Depending on your needs, our professionals will work with your interior designer or contractor or directly with you. Open the door to your dream bathroom at Blackman.