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Build a Steamist Steam Shower at Blackman

Unwind at the end of a long day or a hard workout inside a new Steamist steam shower. A Steamist shower provides hot, soothing steam to deliver incredible health and relaxation benefits. Healthy steam can increase circulation, relieve allergies and ease aching muscles. Enjoy these considerable spa-like luxuries right inside your home. Visit a local Blackman showroom today to get started building a Steamist steam shower of your own.

Types of Steamist Showers

Not all steam showers are created equally. Some provide steam in mere seconds, while others quietly and continuously modulate steam output without sudden changes in temperature. Blackman carries the entire Steamist line so you can customize your experience with different types of steam showers. Get the perfect one to suit your individual needs. Steamist's packages include options, such as:

  • AromaSense Spa for use with therapeutic essential oils
  • InstaMist, which starts the steam flowing immediately for instant use
  • Steady Steam, which quietly modulates the steam for a steady, even flow throughout your shower

Enjoy the option to add these features at any point even after you've been using your steam shower for months.

Designing a Steamist Steam Shower

Designing a steam shower means more than just selecting a unit and having it installed. The proper environment for steam requires several other considerations, such as:

  • Non-porous tile walls
  • A bench or seat that fits the size of your shower
  • A tightly sealed shower door with a transom to release the steam after your shower

Visit Blackman to build your custom Steamist shower. Our expert designers understand the important variables and will ensure your steam shower is everything you desire. Blackman can help determine the size unit you'll need to deliver just the right amount of steam. We can also advise on what other custom features you may wish to incorporate, in order to heighten your Steamist experience.

Design and Build Your Steam Shower Today

A steam shower from Steamist is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Whether you choose a simple on/off control, a digital package, or a comprehensive steam bath system, the staff at any Blackman showroom can help you make it a reality. Visit any Blackman location today to set your steam shower plans in motion.