Award-Winning Grid Collection from KALLISTA


The Grid Collection by KALLISTA: Bold, Beautiful with a Modern Twist

By Stephanie Ames

The Grid Collection by KALLISTA won Best of Show at the 2018 Kitchen Bath and Industry Show. Well-represented in this new collection are form, function and scale. The collection features a sink faucet, wall-hung console, lighting and accessories.

De Stijl

The Grid faucet’s minimalist design is a testament to the pared-down quality of De Stijl (which means simply “the style” in Dutch). Which embraced the utopian vision of art and its transformative potential in the post-World War I years of the early 1900s. “Intrigued by the fundamentals found in the De Stijl movement and how it embraced the de-massing of a design has always sparked my imagination as to how it all comes together,” explained Bill McKeone, Design Studio Manager at KALLISTA. “The same curiosity is behind my work on the Grid spout design, which became a reality through 3D technology. I was challenged to design the ideal faucet. What makes it work? As a designer, the challenges that Grid created led me to see things through a different lens and explore the possibilities. I could not be more pleased with the result.”

Grid’s daring stylistic approach pays homage to the architects, designers and artists that stepped away from 19th century design norms, setting off an artistic revolution that literally took the world by storm. It was this shift from ornamentation and pomp toward the look of spare, restrained forms that began a new genre in design. It represented a trend that continued to grow throughout the 20th century.

3D Printing

The faucet employs 3D printing, resulting in Grid’s unique design elements. They defy the standard requirements of external housing to incorporate internal components. Through this process, KALLISTA can achieve the faucet’s open form and discreet interior channels that allow the water to flow easily through the base. The cube handles, understated and perfect open squares that are scaled appropriately to comfortably conform to the hand. They are created by employing the investment cast process. This technique allows for masterful recreation of intricate designs with precision.

Another outstanding aspect of the Grid Collection is its chic matte black finish. This statement-making shade can take center stage within a room or create a neutral backdrop to support larger interior design statements. Currently exclusive to the Grid Collection, matte black is a powder-coated finish. This finish has been renowned within the high-end outdoor furniture industry due to its resilience and durability against the elements. KALLISTA matte black is gently textured, making it sensuous to the touch. Its composition provides a hardworking finish that withstands the daily rigors of use, resisting water spots and fingerprints.

The Last Word.

Each element of the Grid Collection resonates with tailored elegance. This harnesses the visual impact negative space can command by stripping away the confines of traditional design. The intrinsic beauty of simplicity and bold lines characterizes the aesthetic of this modernist line of bath products.

The Grid Collection is now available at Blackman Plumbing Supply Showrooms. Click here to find a location.

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