Blackman & Julien: Fixing the Kitchen Sink

Ariella and Brooke King

Form meets function in an innovative Julien kitchen sink design by Ariella Werzberger, a sales associate in Blackman’s Mahwah Showroom

It all started with a kitchen sink.

When a display sink in Blackman’s Mahwah showroom was discontinued, sales associate Ariella Werzberger decided to take the matter into her own hands. She partnered with Julien, a leading kitchen equipment manufacturer, to design a new floor model. “I wanted something special and unique that our clients didn’t have,” Werzberger explains.

Kitchen Sink Design

Beginning with a sketch of her idea, Werzberger worked closely with a team of engineers and production staff at Julien to create a highly stylish yet hardworking sink. The result is a sleek, custom model with a number of innovative features. Fabricated of 16-gauge commercial grade stainless steel, the apron-front design offers a collection of integrated industrial-style accessories accented in walnut trim.

“People are always looking for accessories, so this sink has them all in one area to minimize clutter and maximum a streamlined look,” Werzberger says. “The walnut trim draws people’s attention with a warm, organic feel.” Accessories include a walnut cutting board that slides into place across the sink top, a stainless steel drying rack with walnut trim, a stainless steel colander accented by walnut handles, and a champagne cooler made of wood with a stainless steel-rimmed opening to hold a bottle in place when the sink is filled with ice. These accessories allow the sink to serve multiple purposes, including additional counter space when the cutting board slides in place.

The sink is a success on the showroom floor, with orders already taken for this custom item. Werzberger reports that working with the staff at Julien was a positive experience, and the collaborative back-and-forth spirit made for an exciting project that she hopes to repeat in the future. “From the aesthetics to the technical components and installation, Julien was an ideal design partner,” she adds.

Werzberger has a strong background in retail and customer service, joining the Mahwah showroom about three years ago. “It’s a wonderful thing that Blackman allows me to be creative and gave me the opportunity to contribute my design ideas to this kitchen sink; it’s just one of the great things about working at Blackman,” she notes.

Blackman Plumbing Supply can customize products for your home. Visit a local showroom for more information. Are you interested in working with Ariella? She can be reach via email here.

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