BainUltra Inc.

A New Dimension to Hydrotherapy

The BainUltra adventure began back in 1977 with one simple idea: transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss. Their focus on relaxation, health and overall wellness are well represented in their luxurious product line. BainUltra’s luxurious bathing products will turn your home into a wellness spa.

By inventing the air jet bath, BainUltra brought an entirely new dimension to hydrotherapy and set a new standard in bathing that still exists today! They push the limits of refinement and continue to rise in the world of pure and distinct design.

Since relaxation and wellness are at the core of human health, in all its dimensions; their passion for finding innovative solutions has allowed them to introduce many revolutionary and exclusive bathing concept.

For Example, Geysair, their new air jet system envelops the bather in a feeling of warmth and well-being. Much like hot water spouting from a geyser, the streams of air produced by their unique Geysair technology helps maintain a consistently warm water temperature. You’ll relax more and benefit from a prolonged massage. A longer, more comfortable bath delivers increased therapeutic benefits.

These and their many other bathing concepts will help transform your bathroom into a private oasis of wellness.

BainUltra is available at all Blackman Plumbing Supply Kitchen and Bath Showrooms

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