Vogue UK

British in Design

Vogue UK is one of the UK’s leading independent designers and manufacturers of towel dryers and warmers. All Vogue towel dryers and warmers are proudly manufactured in the UK. Vogue UK has built a reputation for creating stunning designs that add a sense of style to any room in your home. The design team at Vogue UK are equally passionate about manufacturing excellence and creating products that are as robust and durable as they are beautiful.

British in Craftsmanship

The authenticity that makes Vogue’s designs a global success now inspires the heritage of radiator manufacturing toward new possibilities. Timeless, original, contemporary and interior are words that have characterized Vogue’s philosophy since its founding. Innovative spirit, dedication to precision and a quest for excellence in the design and craftsmanship of its products have characterized Vogue’s strength to stand out as one of the last truly British icons.

Vogue UK Towel Dryers are available at all Blackman Showrooms

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