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KOHLER Components Collection: It’s Personal

Exploring the NEW Customizable KOHLER Components Collection

Written by: Joseph Vella

The new KOHLER Components Collection offers unique features to reflect the personal touch of your home. The various options included in customizing your bathroom detail the precision needed to complete the elegant look of KOHLER products. The sleek natural features make modernizing your home a breeze, simplifying the desire to follow the latest trends presented by Blackman.  Why do we love this new collection from KOHLER? Read on to find out more!

The Future Is Custom Luxury

Perfecting the modern look of KOHLER takes drive and precision. Endless possibilities, elegance, and clarity, define the new Customizable Components Collection. This collection offers the best choice for your contemporary custom bathroom design. The unique paring options included in this collection elevate the industry standard, giving you a refined impression unlike any other. With Components, you have the ability to select the faucet spout and handles that pair perfectly with your bathroom design. The various faucet handle options tie the bathroom together allowing you to feel bold.

A Contemporary Bathroom Solution

The wide variety of accessories available, make this collection a total bathroom solution. From towel bars and robe hooks to cabinet hardware, each accessory adds to the standards of contemporary living. Components Collection pieces engage a sense of unity and bring a sense of elevated design to the home.

Why Choose Components?

Signature pieces included in the Components Collection support the modernization of your bathroom. Simple styles that come to life through discernment and personal expression. The natural look of KOHLER Components reflects a passionate marriage between contemporary trends and personal style.

Available at Blackman

The New KOHLER Components Collection is on display at a Blackman Showroom near you, find a location or make a complimentary appointment with a design consultant to start your project.


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5 Interesting Kitchen and Bath Holiday Gifts for Your Home

5 Interesting Kitchen and Bath Holiday Gifts for Your Home!

Written By: Joseph Vella

Tis’ the season for new beginning’s and making memories with family and friends. During this holiday season, Blackman has a wide variety of unique and versatile holiday “must haves” to make your home feel festive. These products offer a gift that keeps on giving through elegance and design.

American Standard Measure Fill Pull Down Faucet

American Standards NEW Measure Fill technology delivers the perfect measurement of water for all your cooking and baking needs this holiday season!

The automatic fill function is the latest trend in kitchen faucets. In addition to its sleek features, American Standard offers new technology to auto fill up to 5 cups of water from your kitchen faucet. This technology is the first of its kind on the market and is designed to fit your kitchen style. The touch functionality offers a simple way to utilize the products revolutionized performance and durability.

This revolutionary faucet offers two power options; including a battery operated power mode or a hard wire plug-in option, suitable for any kitchen layout. This faucet is the perfect gift for the chef in your life. The American Standard Measure Fill Pull Down facet will make your kitchen the focal point of your holiday cooking experience.

GROHE Sense Guard

Be prepared for the unexpected with the new GROHE Sense Guard leak detector. This product is guaranteed to ensure that all your plumbing necessities run smoothly this holiday season. This new technology can detect pipe breaks and pipe leakage, automatically shutting off your water supply. Having a solution before the problem occurs may save you hundreds even thousands of dollars in damages. This holiday season, gift the special someone in your life piece of mind.

According to the US Homeowner’s Association, 4 in 10 homes experience water damage annually. GROHE Sense Guard helps prevent 93% of these unfortunate situations.

Kohler Touch-less Soap Dispenser

Looking to improve the look of your kitchen? Get rid of that ugly bottle of kitchen soap, and replace it with the Kohler Touchless Kitchen Soap Dispenser!  This innovative product not only improves the look of your Kitchen, but it also prevents the waste of kitchen soap by dispensing a pre-selected amount. Kohler’s small, compact design was developed to fit in any kitchen space. Get rid of the clutter around your sink and purchase the Kohler Touchless Kitchen Soap Dispenser for your home. Your holiday guests will be jealous!

Ghost Pendant Chandelier by Norwell

The American made product by Norwell has shown time and time again that its designs are elegant and versatile. The sophisticated nature of the brands’ craftsmanship is reflected in the quality and precise nature of their collections. Specifically, the Ghost collection includes many different dimensions and finishes. Norwell also offers a three organza shade option fulfilling the high-quality desire for only the best. Your dining room décor will surely be the talk of the table this holiday season with a Norwell pendant at the focus of conversation!

DXV AT 200 SpaLet Toilet Seat

New advancements in DXV technology ensures that you have the best experience. The SpaLet toilet design is revolutionized to fulfill the need for perfection. The high tech bathroom seat allows you to deodorize, auto vortex flush and includes an automatic open/close toilet seat.

Perfect for cold weather during the holiday season, DXVs product includes a heated toilet seat for exceptional comfort. With remote control technology, this toilet is high class, offering a custom position seating and massage feature.

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Tile Styles: A Retrospective

Explore The World Of Tile

Tile is one of the oldest forms of decorative art. Widely used throughout history, many historically important examples still exist today thanks to its durability, technical properties, and visual richness. First seen in the Egyptian civilization in 4th century B.C., blue glazed bricks were used to decorate homes. We saw these blue tiles again on the Ishtar Gate in ancient Babylon in 5th century B.C. decorated with lions, bulls, and dragons on a strong glazed blue background. The gate is considered one of the Wonders of the World.


The Islamic Empires produced a thicker tile which was used widely in architecture as a covering for interior and exterior surfaces. Avoid- ing figurative images for religious reasons, the tile of this region and era favors strong, complex geometric designs built on combinations of repeated squares and circles, sometimes interlaced with arabesques. Florals appear too, often rendered as branching forms.


On the Iberian Peninsula, ceramic tile was introduced by the Moors in the 13th and 14th centuries, with the construction of the Alahambra Palace. By the 16th century, Portugal had fully embraced ceramic tile art as an art form and it started to appear everywhere. Known as Azulejos, Spanish and Portuguese painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework was found on the interior and exterior of churches, palaces, ordinary houses, and schools.


Greatly influenced by imported Chinese Ming porcelain in the 17th century, Dutch tiles from Delft were first created to line the interiors of fireplaces. Very popular in the 17th century, the tiles were usually decorated with exotic animals, sea creatures, flowers, mythological and biblical scenes.


Iznic ceramics are named after a Turkish city near Istanbul. The motifs were typically floral and geometric and the tiles had a special glow due to their quartz content and vibrant color. Iznik tiles were widely used to cover the walls and ceilings of mosques. Their acoustic qualities helped the sound of prayer to resonate and they also visually lightened the appearance of heavy structures.


Borrowing heavily from Islamic architecture and tile design, the patterns of Moroccan tile are colorful and intricate, often incorporating mosaic designs and circular, arched shapes. It is believed that the origin of the designs came out of artistic limitations for Muslims, who by strict Islamic law were not allowed to depict living beings and therefore expressed themselves through shapes.

The Last Word

Visit a Blackman Showroom to explore the world of tile for your home today. Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, and Concrete tile is available at most Blackman Showrooms. Visit our locations page to find a showroom near you.

Taken from the Summer 2018 Issue of Blackman At Home Magazine 

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ARTFUL LIVING: Fresh Design for a New York City Loft

Exploring AD100 Designer Bruce Bierman’s City Loft

Written by: Brett Williams / Photography: Axel Dupeux

A designer’s own residence affords the recherché opportunity to view their unadulterated, sans-client work. In his downtown New York City loft, Bruce Bierman created a live/work space—a perfect reflection of its inhabitants—where art and design intersect.

The Loft & Bruce

The worlds of art and design often overlap, but it’s not typically this straightforward.  Interior designer Bruce Bierman, with input from his husband, art collector and author William Secord, created a polished, tailored loft that doubles as residence and gallery. “While we have owned the co-op for many years, space now had to have a private aspect as well as an office and gallery to present Secord’s extensive collection of dog and animal paintings,” says Bierman. Bruce Bierman is celebrated in the world of interior design and remembers being drawn to this craft from a very young age. “At age four, I told a neighbor I didn’t like her new living room draperies,” he amuses. Later, his double degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design greatly influenced his ardor for Deco and his modernist approach, an approach he’s perfected since starting his eponymous firm in 1984. In 2000, a spotlight was shone on Bierman’s career when he was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

The Vision

The tour de force of this live/work space is an extensive 30-foot gallery which cleverly conceals a series of storage cabinets running the same length. On the walls, beautiful art is plentiful and the intricate antique frames add interest to the clean lines of the hall. A custom Parsons table and two armchairs, with gorgeous movement in their wood-grain, provide a resting point midway.

Bierman’s interiors are marked by these thoughtful and intuitive measures. “We also needed to create a sense of privacy for our residence, so each area is divided by sliding glass panels which bring a soft, diffused light into the rooms,” explains Bierman. These examples highlight a balance in his design sensibility: that equal importance is placed on both form and function. Custom-designed upholstered pieces are plush and comfortable and many of the case goods, picked up during Parisian excursions, recall the work of venerable designers like Ruhlmann and Dupre-Lafon, two of Bierman’s favorites.

The Unexpected Depth

The palette, much a symbol of his interiors, is at once subdued and complex. At quick glance, it’s a mix of textural whites, creams, and warm woods. But upon further scrutiny, a certain depth is noticed, achieved through breadth of wood finishes: dark, light, variegated, and even cerused. An expert study of contrast navigates the eye; silky white rug on near-black flooring, dark vintage dining chairs abut- ting Dakota Jackson’s Wonder Table in Parchment, black spotlight fixtures on a white ceiling, and Mystery White marble atop ribbon-striped mahogany cabinets in the kitchen and bath.

One’s home is often a reflection of personality and experiences, but perhaps this apartment represents something on a slightly deeper level; a union not only of the couple themselves but of their true passions in art and design.

Taken from the Summer 2018 Issue of Blackman At Home.

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Designer Spotlight: Drake+Anderson

Fearless Style With Drake+Anderson

“Hard, glittering materials abound in the desin, but all are softened by luxurious textures as antidote to our glorious urban jungle.” – Jamie Drake

By: Brett Williams  Photo credit: Marco Ricca

In many ways, New York City is defined as a race to the top; this is a mindset of its people, a philosophy of its businesses and in recent years, a trope to describe its residential towers. Nested high in one of these beanstalk buildings is an international client’s pied-à-terre, a project by designers Drake/Anderson directly inspired by the surrounding city. “The soaring towers of Manhattan sprawling in all directions were inspiration. Hard, glittering materials abound in the design, but all are softened by luxurious textures as antidote to our glorious urban jungle,” says Drake.

At the helm of New York-based design firm, Drake/Anderson is Jamie Drake, a long-celebrated master known for his fearless approach to color and Caleb Anderson, an award-winning designer with an eclectic, collected approach. Together, they created a space that both salutes and belies the practice of restraint, feeling clean and graceful with striking materials and exaggerated statement pieces.

A curatorial mix of antique, artisan and custom furnishings is modus operandi for Drake/Anderson and leavens the space with personality and place. Custom pieces are vital to their projects and Drake is no stranger to product design with, among others, collections at THG Paris, Labrazel, Boyd Lighting, and Theodore Alexander. In the master bedroom exists a design dialogue that Drake calls his favorite, “a lacquer dresser is home to an almost erotic marble lamp, while an exquisite mirror ringed in delicate white ceramic blossoms is cartoon-like in its charming whimsy.” Luxury wall finishes are seen throughout including a gray Teodorico Venetian plaster in the dining room, a Venetian plaster with silver speckling in the guest bedroom, and custom shagreen panels in the foyer.

Design development for the 4200 square foot apartment was an expeditious two months and the client afforded the designers a substantial amount of creative elbow room. “We only had one meeting prior to being hired, so it needed to be an extraordinarily quick study. Relying on that conversation, and a shared passion for contemporary masters of the decorative arts, we were emboldened to get to work,” says Drake.

Low-slung furniture playfully contradicts the surrounding high-rises and, in addition to the client-requested neutral color palette of black, white and grays, accentuates the sweeping city views. Anderson’s favorite piece plays perfect example, “the Fernando chair by Julian Mayor couldn’t be more fitting — it’s a statement, sculptural and keeps its weight low to the ground.” When the opportunity arose and they could muster client buy-in, they layered in additional colors in a discerning way: azure in the living room, a deep scarlet in the master bedroom, and emerald green in one of the guest rooms.

This getaway apartment may be in the heart of a city where cars and businesswomen race by, but the view from that altitude shows a city at near standstill. The design, while undeniably holding interest, has a breathability and is complementary to this calm.

This article was taken from the 2018 Summer Edition of Blackman at Home Magazine 

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Home Renovation Spotlight: The Luxe Southampton Farmhouse

Blackman Tackles a 14-Bathroom Renovation Project in the Hamptons

By Stephanie Ames

Every now and then a project comes along that really allows a designer to shine. That is precisely what happened when Rita Coleman, a sales and design consultant at the Blackman Southampton showroom, met Kerry Gaynor. After recently purchasing a farmhouse with her husband in nearby Sagaponack, Gaynor needed the kind of assistance, expertise and selection that Coleman and Blackman could offer for her home renovation.

The Farmhouse

“My husband and I boarded and rode our horses at Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack,” Gaynor said. “So when a little farmhouse came on the market across the street with a huge potato barn, we thought it could be a home for both us and the horses. We did not want to tear down any of the old farm buildings, so we ended up building a new main house on the property and connecting our new house to the original farmhouse by an underground tunnel. This gives us a lovely little guest house. We moved barns around to use as a pool house, a party barn we call ‘Tavern on the Green,’ and we restored and outfitted the potato barn with stalls for our three Clydesdales.”

The expansive project included 10 buildings and a total of 14 bathrooms. Gaynor was understandably overwhelmed at the prospect of selecting kitchen faucets, sinks, tubs, mirrors and especially tile for all of those spaces. She had a vision, which she shared with Coleman. “As much as this was a farm project, it was also a house located in the Hamptons, so the finishes needed to have a certain amount of luxe,” she explained. With the assistance of Coleman and the Blackman team, the project began in the guest house.

The Project

According to Gaynor, “I wanted to use a tile that looked like wood for the baths in the guest house. We did the full shower walls and ceiling in a porcelain which was nice for the budget, as well. In the guest house master bath, we used a hand-made Italian subway tile which became my favorite. I used different sizes of it all over the property.” This hand-made tile was even used in the guest house kitchen which features walls of white ship lap with open shelving. “There is always a question about where to stop the backsplash,” said Gaynor. “It was Rita’s idea to take the tile completely up the wall so we didn’t introduce any other material. Everyone who comes in loves that wall!” Due to zoning regulations in Sagaponack, stoves cannot be installed in a guest house. “So we did under-counter refrigerators and paneled them. Without appliances in view, the tile is really the star of the show,” added Gaynor.

Gaynor and Coleman carried the same subway tile from the guest house into the main house guest bathrooms. They paired them with limestone floors in grey and sand colors. “I like really neutral colors and grey is my favorite color,” said Gaynor. “In one bath we even alternated the subway tile sizes, using 2 x 6 and 3 x 6 tiles. It is beautiful but the poor tile installer!” A fan of continuity in home design, Gaynor selected claw foot guest tubs from Blackman as a nod to the farmhouse roots of their new residence.

Better At Blackman

Gaynor credits Rita Coleman and the entire team at Blackman for their patience and expertise during the decision-making process. She cites little details that made a huge impact on the overall design of the space. For instance, the selection of a more square farmhouse sink in the main kitchen helped modernize the space. The use of Danby marble from Vermont on the master bath walls, which was paired with brown sable stone with a Parisian cut on the floors, ups the luxe factor.

When asked about her favorite parts of the renovation, Gaynor said, “I guess I’m with everyone else in loving the guest house kitchen wall, but I do love the black onyx marble floor in the mudroom and the guest bath subway tile, with its height and top caps. I’m really pleased with how everything turned out.”

The Last Word

Rita Coleman is a Sales Consultant at the Blackman Southampton, NY showroom. She specializes in kitchen and bath design, as well as total home renovation. Rita has a passion for tile and an eye for good design. Visit our Southampton Showroom to meet Rita and start your project. You can also make an appointment to meet with Rita.

*This article was taken from the Summer 2018 Edition of Blackman at Home Magazine

Photo Credit: Tim Cree @ Creepwalk Media Inc



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Remodeling: From Southampton to West Palm Beach, Blackman Creates Luxury

Remodeling Project in Florida Puts Southampton Sales Consultant Lauren Regan on the Map!

Lauren Regan, Sales Consultant at Blackman Southampton, has been a Blackman team member for over 18 years. Her experience in remodeling and design was recently showcased in an outstanding West Palm Beach residence for one of her longtime clients.

At Blackman Plumbing Supply we are well-known for our luxury remodeling products. We are also highly in touch with our customers and their important needs. Our experienced Sales Consultants develop relationships and connections with their clients, that transcend geography. Our amazing clients continue to visit our showrooms for their home improvement projects near and far.

The Florida Project

We recently caught up with Lauren to discuss the details of her stunning remodeling project. “The home was for clients I have worked with on several different projects over the years. The magnificent home was located in Delray Beach and was my clients winter home. They frequently come back and forth between the Hamptons and Florida and have worked with me on projects in the Hamptons before. Last Summer, when they were ready to work on the Florida project, they visited me in the Southampton Showroom. We got right to work! We selected the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as tile and lighting throughout the home.”

The home’s open concept lent itself beautifully to items like our modernist starburst lighting fixture in the entrance foyer, sleek Kallista integrated sink in the kitchen’s center island and contemporary polished chrome faucets in the bathrooms. “We enjoy working together and come up with gorgeous results,” Lauren shared.

Showroom Resources

Her clients appreciate the resources available in the Southampton Showroom, and the fact that they could be delivered to their Florida home. “They loved that they could come to this showroom and put their whole house together,” Lauren added. “The Southampton location has the most beautiful showroom with the latest trends in materials and fixtures at your fingertips. It makes designing and creating a truly hands-on experience. You’re able to really make the vision come alive.”

Experience Luxury

The showroom experience is something Lauren takes great pride in sharing with her clients. “I love to put the whole room together from tile to lighting and everything in-between. Our showrooms give you the opportunity to work on projects all over the country and beyond. I have work on projects in Jamaica, Florida, Los Angeles and Mexico to name a few.”

Now that their home is completed in the Sunshine State, Lauren says her clients are looking forward to a future design project in the Hamptons. “My clients are very excited with the results of their Delray Beach home and can’t wait to work on their next upcoming project in Bridgehampton!”

Blackman’s new West Palm Beach Showroom is also just a few miles north of their resort home in Delray Beach, giving this family a local resource when they are in Florida.

Work With Lauren

To work with Lauren on your next remodeling and design project visit our Southampton Showroom.

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Summer Bathroom Ideas

Enjoy our latest bathroom ideas for summer!

Dreaming about remodeling your bathroom this summer? Here are some bathroom ideas to brighten up your bath. Visit your local Blackman showroom to meet with a design consultant and make your dream bathroom a reality!

Elevated Finishes

Make your bathroom cool for the summer with elevated finishes. Consider an exciting new finish like matte black, brushed gold or brass. Trendy finishes like these make a bold statement in the ever popular white bathroom.

No matter which finish you choose, all of them look breathtaking in traditional and contemporary designs. These finishes can elevate a space and add a sophisticated, luxurious feel; yet are budget conscious.

Fun Florals

This summer you can incorporate a personal, artistic touch to your bathroom remodel with floral patterns. Two ideas include utilizing a floral wall covering or installing floral fixtures.

Kohler’s Dutchmaster Basin is the epitome of floral bathroom design. This sink is inspired by Dutch master paintings of the 17th century and was created in collaboration with “florography” artist Ashley Woodson. This floral sink could be the focal point of your bathroom, in addition to the other elements of design complementing this central feature.

Pops of Color

Thinking of adding a pop of color to your bathroom? It’s a great bathroom idea! You can add color to your backsplash, flooring, walls, and cabinetry by selecting a colorful fixture. The Vola HV1 Bathroom Faucet is a great choice and is available in over 20 colors. This faucet is simple in design and will add a pop of color to your bathroom.

Clean Lines

Even if your bathroom is traditional, consider clean lines to help visually declutter your space. The new DXV by American Standard Modulus is a 55-inch lavatory countertop slab and wall-mount drawer may be your fix! The Modulus is characterized as minimalistic, yet is highly functional. This fixture is seamless and is customizable by design, showcasing the best in clean lines.

The Last Word

In conclusion, find your personal style this summer and enjoy your new space! Have fun and dare to try a new finish or fun floral pattern.

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Amy Hill Designs

Amy Hill: Home is Where The Heart Is

Amy Hill owns and operates Amy Hill Designs, a full-service residential interior design firm serving clients in Manhattan, Palm Beach, and the Hamptons. From fabrics, furniture and floor plans to windows, walls, and accessories, she works closely with clients to create interiors that reflect their individual tastes and lifestyle.

How would you describe your design style?

It’s a little bit of everything, but casual elegance sums it up.

How does that style translate into the design elements you choose?

Since some of the areas I work in are near the beach, I like to integrate that beachy feeling but not in a kitschy way. I like more organic pieces paired with refined pieces, like a beautiful oversized teak coffee table with an elegant chandelier. About 90% of my Amy Hill Designs clients have second and third homes; they are sophisticated, well-traveled and very intelligent. They also have kids, guests and pets, so they want something that’s not fussy yet still chic and elegant.

What is the best part of your job as a designer?

I am absolutely so fortunate to have the most amazing clients who are fun to work with and down-to-earth. We have become great friends, so I feel very fortunate. I wake up every morning and love to go to work. Whether I am meeting with a builder, advising my clients, or going to a Blackman showroom, I am passionate about my job.

What is your professional background?

I have a master’s degree in psychology and had a private practice. Furthermore, I went on to get my real estate license and later worked with builders staging houses. I eventually moved to the interior design field about six years ago and started Amy Hill Designs.

How do you continue to be inspired when it comes to designing interior spaces?

I can be inspired by walking on the beach or walking down a block in the Hamptons and looking in the shop windows. I like to travel, visit amazing resorts and figure out what gives you that welcome feeling of being home. That’s the most important part of my job, identifying what feels like home for my clients and giving that to them.

Is there anything else you’d like share about Amy Hill Designs?

I am very passionate about what I do. I tend to go above and beyond for my clients. Once I set a Thanksgiving table for a client, I like to take their breath away. A lot of people call me up crying because they are so happy with their home. I try to go that extra step. Once I had a client whose son had to be gluten-free. Before they came home, I set up a table with a gluten-free food section, flowers, food, and even something for their dog. I want all my clients to feel like they’re at home, since your home equals your escape.

To connect with Amy Hill of Amy Hill Designs visit her website.

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Bathroom Remodeling Made Simple

U By Moen Shower

Bathroom Remodeling Made Simple

By Gwen Donovan and Francesca Messina

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? After watching countless home renovation programs on HGTV, leafing through home magazines, and scanning Pinterest for inspiration, you know your bathroom needs an upgrade! We have the resources to get your bathroom remodeling project underway. Whether it’s a simple fix like a new bathroom vanity with stylish hardware or a complete bath overhaul, our design consultants are ready to work with you.

Blackman bathroom remodeling showrooms have everything you need. We display the latest floor and wall tiles, vanities, tubs, showers, toilets, faucets, lighting, mirrors and more. Our friendly design consultants will assist you in your bathroom remodeling project every step of the way.

Ask yourself the following questions before you get started:

What Do I Want?

There are many different styles and design options to choose from when remodeling your bathroom. Traditional, urban, industrial, rustic chic, ultra-modern, transitional; to name a few. It’s all a reflection of your taste, there is no wrong choice. Remember to consider the size of your bathroom. Many of our customers are opting to remove a bathtub in favor of a roomy walk-in shower, while others are choosing graceful stand-alone tubs and steam showers enclosed by frameless clear glass. Vanities range from space-saving and modern to expansive double sink styles. When you select the design elements of your bathroom remodeling project that feel right to you, your bathroom will become be a relaxing retreat. It is important to think about what works and what doesn’t work in your current bathroom to ensure a successful outcome.

What Is My Budget?

Having a dollar amount in mind for your bathroom remodeling project is smart. But, determining that number can be tricky. Visit us to learn about price ranges, product lines, and installation costs. We have products at every price point. Your design consultant will help meet your budget needs. Some of our customers create a spreadsheet to compare costs. Others make a simple list, noting their favorite design elements and price points. Knowledge is power, so make sure your dream bath budget is an amount you are comfortable with.

What Is My Time Frame?

Yes, it only takes 30 minutes for a bathroom to be renovated entirely on television. In the real world, things move at a slower pace. Simple jobs like a new sink or toilet replacement typically take a few hours. A full bathroom remodeling project from the floor up is likely to take a month. Plan accordingly and remember that the bathroom will be out of commission for a period of time, although the results will be worth the inconvenience!

Start your Project!

Start your new bathroom remodeling project today by visiting a Blackman Remodeling Showroom. Our design consultants are ready to help. Our amazing displays will inspire you. Your result, the bathroom of your dreams turned into a beautiful new reality.

Get a FREE Consultation

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5 High-Efficiency Plumbing Products

Energy Efficient Kohler Toilet

By Gwen Donovan and Francesca Messina

Starting new construction or a remodeling project? Here is a roundup of our favorite energy efficient plumbing products. From a new app aligned with Smart Home technology to on-demand tankless water heaters; consider these high-efficiency plumbing products for your home.

The Taco SmartPlug

Jimmy Frey, Manufactures Representative from Taco, revealed how their new SmartPlug ups the efficiency of a water heater. “The Taco SmartPlug is a high-efficiency plumbing product designed to upgrade any hot water recirculation system.”  The Taco SmartPlug replaces inefficient timers and aquastats typically used in recirculation systems. With the SmartPlug, homeowners can learn when hot water is used in their home. The Smart Plug uses technology to determine a household’s ongoing hot water needs. The pipe-mounted temperature sensor records daily hot water usage patterns during the course of a week. Recorded data is used to automatically run the circulator at the same times the following week, resulting in hot water available when needed. If usage pattern changes, the SmartPlug adjusts automatically, no programming required.

All Things Navien!

Navien is considered the leader in high-efficiency condensing technology,” said Gregg D. Chambers, a manufacturer’s representative for Navien. The NPE series of tankless water heaters have an unsurpassed efficiency rating of up to 99% with a turndown ratio of 10 to 1, meaning modulating input rates from 19,900 to 199,900 BTUs. They provide continuous flow rates of up to 5.1 gallons per minute at a 77-degree rise. Multiple units can be cascaded and manifold together to create up to nearly 3.2 million BTUs of input if more hot water is needed. All units are field convertible from natural gas and are approved for both residential and commercial applications. Most importantly they offer up to a 15-year warranty.

Another innovative product from Navien combines hot water and residential heating in one unit. The NCB-E tankless combi-boilers provides continuous hot water at up to 4.5 gallons per minute at a 77-degree rise. It also provides up to 112,000 BTUs for home heating needs, all at 95% efficiency. The NCB-E is rated for single-family, residential use only. They have an amazing 10-year warranty resulting in a no-brainer for any homeowner!

Kohler Konnect: “Alexa tell Kohler to turn on my kitchen faucet.”

Kohler is introducing a new app that fine-tunes everyday experiences in the home: KOHLER Konnect.The new app uses voice commands, hands-free control and personalized presets on its app. Options include operating a kitchen faucet, controlling the features of an intelligent toilet, adjusting the lighting embedded in a bathroom mirror, running a post-workout shower, and automatically filling a bath to a desired depth and temperature, all by using simple voice commands.

“Voice services and connected devices have become integrated into every facet of the home –with the notable exception of the bathroom– until now,” said David Kohler, President, and CEO of Kohler Co. “We provide thoughtful design and technologies that offer convenience and functionality to enrich your personalized experiences, making them easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Whether you are getting ready for work, helping your children through their evening bedtime routine or simply in need of some personal relaxation, KOHLER Konnect is the next evolution of our leading-edge kitchen and bathroom innovations that help make these everyday moments better.” KOHLER Konnect offers support in select products for Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit to bring technology into the bathroom in meaningful ways.

Conserve H2O with Dual Flush by American Standard

The American Standard Elongated Right Height Dual-flush Toilet is a great choice for the energy efficient family. This toilet is rated best (4 out of 5) in flush power.  This high-efficiency plumbing product saves water and provides power. The dual-flush feature maximizes water savings resulting in a savings of both water and money. Its sleek, clean design works well in a variety of bathroom décor styles. This toilet is EPA WaterSense-certified toilet, it uses 1.6-gallons per flush, without sacrificing performance. The partial flush option uses 37.5% less water than a conventional toilet. Additionally, the toilet is fabricated in American Standard’s EverClean finish, which inhibits the growth of stains and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. Most importantly, American Standard offers a high-efficiency plumbing product that will work in any home.

Recirculate Water with Grundfos

A typical family of three wastes 16 thousand gallons of water a year. They also spend a whopping 24 hours a year waiting for hot water at a faucet! The Grundfos Comfort PM AutoAdapt high-efficiency plumbing product provides access to instant hot water. It efficiently reduces the annual waste of your home’s water, and reduces power consumption. With a hot water recirculation system, you can guarantee your family the luxury of instant hot water therfore saving water each day. Water is an increasingly scarce resource, save water with recirculation and enjoy the added benefits of instant hot water.

Visit a Blackman Remodeling Showroom to purchase these and other high-efficiency plumbing products for your home.

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Watermark Designs: The Heart and Soul of Brooklyn


By Michele Keith

What is Watermark Designs?

There are companies that are “in” a location, and then there are companies that are “of” a location. Watermark Designs is the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures. They create bathroom accessories, lighting and elegant hardware for luxury commercial and residential markets. As president and third-generation owner Avi Abel relates, “Brooklyn is as much a fiber of our being as our products.”

Why Brooklyn?

What has kept Watermark in Brooklyn since it began nearly 40 years ago? “We’re very close to the highest concentration of architects and designers in North America,” says Abel. “This helps us keep our finger on the pulse of new trends and designs. We also have access to skilled artisans from around the world. They come to this country for a better life, bringing with them skill sets that are hard to find elsewhere.”

Most Watermark employees are local Brooklynites, with many walking to work, Abel says, though quickly adding with a laugh, “Living here is not a pre-requisite for working here! We encourage a family atmosphere, celebrate our different cultures and enjoy a warm, safe environment.” Working at Watermark is nearly a rite of passage for many since it helps new arrivals assimilate into the community at large.

Watermark Designs is always searching for new ways to reach out to neighborhood residents.  They post job openings at local colleges. They encourage graduates with engineering degrees to consider them for a career. In addition, the company liaises with nearby employment centers, features a dedicated email for resumes on its website, and is an active member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and East New York Development Center.

Abel believes strongly in staying local, saying, “We source as many of our raw materials here as possible—I actually do get my brass from a business down the street—and we manufacture each and every product here.” It’s a point of pride for the company that is expressed in big and small ways, like the tape used for sealing boxes which boldly states: “Made in Brooklyn.”

“We prove again and again that manufacturing in the USA, and Brooklyn in particular, is a thriving and worthwhile endeavor.” Spoken like a proud New Yorker indeed!
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