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Cultivating Creative Corporate Conversations

Elevating the Brown Bag Lunch

By Kaitlyn Isola

In order to empower the women within our organization, spark compelling conversation and foster strong relationships, we started Brown Bag Lunch Dates. Once a month, all women of Blackman are encouraged to sign up and participate in a lunchtime TED Talk viewing and conversation. The chosen TED talk usually last about 20 minutes and focuses on professional development, conversations around confidence and how to make a difference in and outside of the workplace. After viewing the talk, an informal 30-minute conversation takes place.

How to Get Things Started

Before beginning this project, we invited the members of our executive team to discuss our ideas and gather the resources needed to make our lunches a success. With their support, we were able to arrange for:

  1. Meeting Spaces
  2. Lunch accommodations
  3. Tech resources

Having the logistical pieces in place before announcing the concept to your coworkers will make things much easier.

How to Introduce the Concept to Your Coworkers

To begin the conversation and gauge interest around our lunches, we passed flyers and sign up sheets around the office. These flyers included information about the lunches, what we would be talking about and our purpose of doing so. After about a week of conversation, we determined that we would have a significant amount of employees attending and proceeded with choosing TED talks and conversation topics.

What to “TED” About

When picking topics, be sure to choose options that make sense for you and your organization. Whether it be confidence in the workplace, the importance of meaningful communication or how to maintain a work-life balance, the topic should feel native to you and your group! Don’t be afraid to pick discussion topics that you are unfamiliar with, as this doesn’t always mean they aren’t relevant. Some of our most engaging discussions have come from TED talks that raise issues and topics we thought were foreign, but were actually extremely relevant.

How to Keep Your Coworkers Coming Back

Before we established a solid group of coworkers to attend, follow up was crucial to ensure we could keep the program going. By sending a quick recap note after the meeting to everyone who participated, you can:

  1. Highlight the important points you discussed during the lunch
  2. Get feedback on the topic and discussion
  3. Ask for suggestions for the next talk topic
  4. Thank everyone for coming and encourage them to join next time
  5. Plan and coordinate a day and time that works best for as many people as possible

 These follow-ups are an important part of keeping your meetings going, so be sure to send one after every session. 

Looking to work for a company that empowers and develops its employees? Visit our careers page to apply for an opening today. 

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Blackman Employee Appreciation Day

Written by: Francesca Crocombe

The Event

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, Team Blackman celebrated the hardworking employees at our corporate office in Bayport, NY. Colleen Capone, Director of Human Resource, organized an Octoberfest themed luncheon complete with raffle prizes and games for all employees. “The luncheon was organized as a way to thank our employees for their dedication to our organization and their roles. I look forward to working with my team to plan another employee event soon!” shared Capone.

In addition to an Octoberfest themed lunch, raffle tickets were given and employees were encouraged to enter for a chance to win one of many exciting prizes. Prizes included gift cards to Panera, TGIF Friday’s, Regal Cinemas, Sephora, as well as a portable speaker, a magic bullet, lottery tree, Broadway tickets, and New York Ranger tickets! It was wonderful for Blackman employees to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the organization.

Executive Reaction

“This event was a great opportunity to bring everyone in Bayport together, from both the corporate office and the distribution center. Often times, different teams within our organization get caught up in the workday with varying responsibilities. By taking a couple of hours to relax and spend time with one another, employees had the opportunity to catch up, share experiences and enjoy a nice meal together.” shared Blackman Vice President of Retail, David Lyon.

The Last Word

Employee engagement is important to Blackman, in keeping with our core values we strive to build productive relationships with our internal team members. Our goal is to work hard and play hard.

Are you passionate about fostering strong professional relationships with your coworkers? Explore the possibility of working at Blackman! To learn more about open positions visit our Careers page.

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The Supply House Branch Manager: Here To Make A Difference

What does it take to make a difference? Here at Blackman, our Branch Managers ask themselves this question every day. They continuously strive to make a difference in the lives of their customers and teammates. Luis Rosa, our Lakewood and Clinton, New Jersey Branch Manager shared his story with us. His dedication to improving the customer experience and building his team is clear. He is service oriented and dedicated to fostering strong long lasting relationships.

How long have you worked in wholesale distribution?

I have been in the industry for 15 years and throughout this time had the pleasure of working with some of the top leaders in the wholesale distribution industry.

What brought you to Blackman?

One thing everyone knows, your industry is always smaller then you think. I’ve always valued relationships and mentor programs that allows for open communication regardless of where career paths take your peers and colleagues. Coming from various industry experiences I wanted a chance to make a difference, and apply my learnings to help individuals grow into a Team that would ultimately result in success. After 15yrs, I have learned that through drive and some patience, comes the right opportunity. That opportunity is what brought me to Blackman Plumbing Supply.

Do you have a mentor?

Throughout the years in the wholesale industry, I have met and developed life-altering relationships with many mentors. Although there are too many to mention, I can say any peer or colleague that I have encountered through the past 15 years have impacted me in a way such that ultimately lead to my success in both business and life.

What do you like most about being a Branch Manager?

Each day I wake up thinking “what can I do today to make a difference.”  Being in the mind frame of possibility, I am empowered to focus on how we can make our industry, branch, and Team better than the day before. As Branch Manager, we have the ability to understand our customer’s needs, coach our associates to make decisions that will enhance our business and most importantly, their own development. Running a branch with these core values ultimately strengthens our potential to increase market share and enables our associates to advance their careers.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a Branch Manager?

As a Branch Manager, we are tested daily with adversity which comes in many forms. How you approach them is no different than how you handle challenges in your personal life.  Throughout the years I continue to focus on listening and having patience because I find that in business and life, you can always have a little more of both.

How would your team describe you?

On any given day I would say my Team would describe me as passionate. I walk through the door with the understanding that we get one chance to create a winning environment, no matter how small or big the challenge.

In your own words, what does it take to be a Branch Manager at Blackman?

To be a Branch Manager at Blackman has nothing to do with your past experiences, titles, accomplishments or success. It is having the ability to put the company and associates first, and the willingness to act.  When this is achieved, you have a Team with the potential for unlimited success.

Do you have a favorite product?

Over the years, I have seen our industry diversify in ways I did not know were possible. This has opened my eyes to greater possibility. Realizing it’s not about what item is being sold, but the experience the customer has while being sold. Therefore, my favorite item to sell is extraordinary customer service.

What is your greatest career accomplishment?

Throughout my career, I have held different positions which have led to various accomplishments, but my greatest has been realizing I can adapt to any situation, recognizing what needs to be done. My mentality has always been core company values first, no matter the size of the accomplishment. Appreciating that sometimes the smallest accomplishments are the biggest.

Are you driven? Why not work at Blackman! To view our open positions visit our Careers page.

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Internships At Blackman: A Hands-On Experience

Here at Blackman we have a robust internship program and are proud of our intern team. Internships available at Blackman range from Human Resources, Supply Chain and Logistics, to Marketing. We are committed to developing future industry leaders. Our current Intern Team was tasked with sharing why they feel it’s #BetteratBlackman!

Francesca Crocombe

Marketing Internship at Blackman

I have been at Blackman since May working as a Digital Marketing Intern. In the marketing department, we have done a lot of exciting things. These exciting tasks have made me fall in love with marketing even more than I already am! One of my most memorable experience was working my first Blackman event, Kohler in Bloom, hosted at the Art League of Long Island. I was in charge of helping set up displays, preparing and organizing the goodie bags, as well as greeting and checking our guests into the event. This was certainly a night to remember and I’m looking forward to all of our upcoming events!

One important reason I decided to intern at Blackman was their culture of opportunity and diversity. They have an inclusive environment and do not discriminate for any reason. By working with different kinds of people, you better understand others while also learning more about yourself as an individual.

I have enjoyed interning at Blackman because it feels nice to be part of a community. On my first day, which was nerve-wracking, everyone was welcoming and friendly. From that day on I knew I would like it here at Blackman!

Richard Yonkers

Why intern at Blackman?

I started interning at Blackman the first week of June. I took on the role of Operations and Logistics Intern. As an intern, I was responsible for observing various processes throughout the company in the Distribution Center and in the Corporate Office. After observing each process, I would take my observation and translate it into a Visio Document. I would then break down the step by step of the process with everyone involved, including how long the process takes, where it took place, etc. I have had the opportunity to travel to various branches to see how they operate, talk to many people and get their outlook on certain aspects of operations, and work along some great colleagues.

One reason that I chose to stay at Blackman was that of the welcoming staff. Coming into my first day, which can be awkward and intimidating, my manager helped me feel at ease and comforted. Upon sitting at my desk the staff around me made me feel right at home and took away that nervousness. Working in this environment has taught me how to handle situations, and work with several people and varying personalities. I highly recommend interning here at Blackman!

Daniel Randazzo

Life as an Intern

Working here at Blackman is a dream come true! This is the perfect environment for accelerating your potential in both academia and the professional world. I will soon be celebrating my one-year anniversary with Blackman. Although I do have a lot of responsibilities underneath my belt, I have been performing well.

Each morning, I conduct multiple ROI analyses, for which I compare multiple aspects per branch on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. I like to go a step further and analyze the data populated, understanding what is the underlying cause for success or failure.

We also hold a strong presence on social media. Thankfully, we utilize a platform which allows us to post to multiple outlets and pages. It is a way to connect with our customer’s one step further and give potential customers a reason to visit our branches. In addition, we encourage customers to share their experiences with us. If customers opt to share, they typically post on review sites, such as Yelp or Google.

With that being said, I enjoy working at Blackman because we always put the customer at the forefront. We participate in, as well as host, a lot of trade shows, BBQs, and events in which people can enter to win a raffle or leave with Blackman monogrammed merchandise. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with or company to work for!

Emily Perrault

Human Resource Intern

I have been working as an Intern for over a year in the Human Resource department of Blackman. In my time here I’ve had the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of human resources and industry-specific processes alongside my amazing manager and coworkers. I’ve learned about recruiting, file retention, benefits and more. I also get to help with fun events held in appreciation of employees. For example, I’ve participated in BBQs, holiday parties, and ice cream parties.

I enjoy working for Blackman because I feel like I’m part of a team. Everyone is welcoming and ready to help you with any issues. I would recommend working here as an intern for anyone.

 Some Final Thoughts

Blackman is a great place to intern and kick-start your career. Visit our careers page to find out what positions are available at a Blackman near you!

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David Lyon: Redefining the Kitchen and Bath Showroom Experience

Connecting with Customers in Highly Creative Ways

Blackman’s own David Lyon has been an innovator in the decorative plumbing industry for over three decades. His kitchen and bath showroom model revolutionized the sale of plumbing products to the trade and consumer in the decorative showroom environment. Lyon brought purpose and intent to the design of plumbing showrooms. He introduced critical retail concepts to wholesale distributors, ultimately changing the showroom model.

Who is David Lyon?

David Lyon has an illustrious background as a consultant to some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the decorative plumbing, tile and lighting industry. “I began my career while attending design school in Boston. I was working as an apprentice to Billie Brenner, an icon in the retail world on fashionable Newbury Street. This is where I developed my knowledge and passion for retailing. I took this retailing experience to wholesale showrooms and thus created the David Lyon Showroom Business Model,” he said. “I had the opportunity to move to California where I worked with another industry icon, Sidney Altman of Altman’s Bathrooms and Kitchens of Beverly Hills.” At that time, Lyon was responsible for expanding the Altman showroom in San Diego which included designing the showroom space and managing the new operation.

In 1982, David launched his consulting firm, David Lyon & Associates. Lyon specialized in the design of luxury decorative plumbing showrooms with a focus on the retail consumer for the wholesale plumbing industry. He was a keynote speaker at several international industry events which resulted in the design of showrooms internationally.

Showroom Consulting

Lyon became a consultant for Kohler Co. He spearheaded their wholesale showroom program, designing and developing best-in-class showrooms for Kohler wholesalers across the country. Furthermore, he created the flagship showroom for Ann Sacks Tile, a Kohler-owned company, in New York City’s vibrant Union Square neighborhood; thus establishing his own rich passion for tile and stone. With this knowledge, Lyon began in to incorporate decorative tile and stone products into the David Lyon Showroom Model. “Incorporating tile and stone along with plumbing fixtures was a natural fit,” he said.

His reputation in residential design also grew over the years after numerous cover features in home design magazines. Through these magazines, David was able to develop a robust residential design following that continues to this day.

The Blackman Connection

Lyon was hired by the late Richard Blackman to design the Southampton and Hicksville showrooms in 1989 as an independent consultant. He developed a strong connection with the company which led to him to join on a full-time basis in 2006 as the Director of Showrooms. He currently serves as Vice President of the Retail Division which encompasses all aspects of business and design.

A typical day for Lyon is a whirlwind of activity. It may include revising a showroom layout, designing a bath or kitchen vignette, visiting an industry-related event or checking in on one of Blackman Plumbing Supply’s 20-plus retail showroom locations.

Blackman strives to be the trendsetter in the marketplace. One of Lyon’s primary roles is keeping ahead of industry trends and delivering them to Blackman customers. “We are constantly looking at what is happening in the world of design. Color trends seen in Europe are typically three years ahead of the United States,” Lyon shares. He travels the globe attending international trade shows to identify trend and color palettes as they emerge, giving Blackman customers a jump start. “Our ability to discover upcoming styles early on keeps Blackman ahead,” he added.

A Passion for the Customer

Providing a positive customer experience is also an integral part of Lyon’s position, which led to him establish Blackman University at the request of company leaders Robert Mannheimer and the late Richard Blackman. “Blackman University is a crucial part of our training; it offers our sales associates the education and tools they need to understand a product’s design. Our staff members have extensive product knowledge and passion. We send them to factories, training events, and industry seminars to further their product knowledge.”

David Lyon has a naturally gregarious personality. It is well-suited for his position at Blackman, as he interacts with vendors, manufacturers, and customers on a daily basis. He honed his communication skills speaking at industry design and trade shows, addressing a spectrum of topics including showroom design and how it affects a retailer’s profitability.

His sought-after expertise is generously shared with customers, co-workers and other industry professionals.“Today’s customers are well-informed about products before they step into a Blackman showroom,” Lyon said. “People research extensively online before visiting our showrooms. I think it’s great that our customers to educate themselves. At the end of the day, the need and importance of a brick and mortar showroom with the knowledge of professional staff is most important!”

Final Word

Lyon has contributed a lifetime of creativity and passion to the industry. His work has influenced showrooms around the world. His focus on the customer experience has been vital to the success of the businesses he has developed. His impact on the Blackman Retail Division has been immeasurable. 

This article was taken from the Summer 2018 Edition of Blackman at Home Magazine

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The Supply House Branch Manager: Leading the Way

The Supply House Branch Manager: Leading the Way

Written by Francesca Messina

Sometimes, the industry you are destined to become a part of finds you. During the past five years, I have spent much time asking my colleagues how they became a part of this dynamic industry. I am fascinated with the stories of how they became who they are today. Furthermore, I am interested in where they see our industry going.

Many of these conversations have been shared with a local supply house branch manager over a cup of fresh brewed “counter coffee”. These men and women effectively serve and support the masses of plumbers, contractors, and trade professionals who frequent the busy sales counters of supply houses across the USA. This industry could not thrive without these branch managers; the relationships they have developed, the knowledge they have about the products we sell, and the business we are in.

Not only do these leaders maintain the daily operation of their business, coach their team, and stock the shelves; they also form valuable relationships with their customers.

Over the next few weeks, we will feature the stories of our Blackman Plumbing Supply Branch Managers. They are a unique group of people who make up the Blackman Plumbing Supply Family.

They take pride in what they do and above all, they believe in the POWER of the Trade!

To kick off our stories, we would like to introduce you to Mike Voulo, Branch Manager of Blackman Plumbing Supply Southampton, NY.

Mike Voulo started working at Blackman Plumbing Supply when he was 16 years old. He began sweeping the yard at our Medford, NY location. Having stepped away for a brief period to complete his Bachelor’s degree, it is safe to say Mike has been in the industry and with Blackman for 22 years!

How did you get started at Blackman?

Funny story, I had a friend who was working at Blackman Medford, NY in the warehouse. He knew I was unhappy with my current job. When the current “sweepy kids” were terminated because they decided to leave work while on the clock to go play video games. They result, he called me right away. The rest is history.

Do you have a mentor, if so who is that person and how do they help you?

Many people have helped shape my career at Blackman from Kevin Regan to Tony Piliero and Jane Donaghy. However, the one person who has had the most significant impact, who I considered my mentor is Ed Cuff, Branch Manager of Blackman Huntington Station, NY. Back in 2008, I was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to pursue my career at Blackman as an assistant manager at the Huntington location. It was there that Ed and I developed a great work relationship and a strong friendship. Ed has taken time every step of the way to teach and prepare me for my future endeavors with Blackman. Today, I continue to turn to him when looking for advice or profession guidance.

What is your favorite part about being a Branch Manager at Blackman?

Having a background in education, I enjoy developing the careers of my associates. Whether in the showroom, the counter or training a potential future manager, seeing others succeed is very rewarding.

What is the most significant lesson you have learned as a Branch Manager?

I guess the quick and easy answer would be that the customer is always right! I have learned how to make that work within a framework where all parties can feel satisfied. Furthermore, I have learned how to connect with my customers to better address their needs.

What is your favorite item we sell and why?

I am not sure I have one specific favorite item. I have a strong waterworks background from my time with Kevin Regan our Waterworks Division Manager. So I would say that underground waterworks would be my favorite category to sell.

Interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers Page today for opportunities!

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Danny O’Neill Picks His Five Favorite Milwaukee Tools

Danny O’Neill Picks His Five Favorite Products From Milwaukee Tool

Known affectionately as “The Tool Guy” at Blackman, Danny O’Neill Jr. is a terrific source of information. Due to his vast knowledge, customers who are building a new toolkit or adding products to their current workshop, seek him our for tips and tricks. While being a tool expert, Danny is also the Branch Manager at our Hicksville Supply House.

Danny’s top five Milwaukee Tools:

  1. I use the M18 2604-22 ½” hammer drill/driver on every job I do and have never had an issue. It’s always dependable and the battery lasts all day. A contoured grip is comfortable even during prolonged all-day use. SKU 2604-22
  2. The M12 2404-22 drill is really lightweight and easy to handle yet powerful. It delivers unmatched runtime, power under load and durability. This versatile tool provides up to 10X longer motor life, 2X more power and 4X more runtime. SKU 2404-20
  3. The new 2111-21 USB rechargeable headlamp with 475 lumens is great for lighting up dark basements and attics. Optimized for use with hard hats, the slip-resistant strap and clips provide easy and secure attachment, while a water, dust and drop-resistant body and lens withstand the toughest conditions. SKU 2111-21
  4. The M18 0882-20 compact vacuum is lightweight and works great for cleaning up. A high-performance motor creates best-in-class suction for cleanup of drywall dust, wood and metal shavings, and common job site debris. SKU 0882-20
  5. The Milwaukee heated jacket is awesome; I have had my jacket for years now and my son has one too and he loves it. These heated jackets use carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the chest, back, and front hand pockets. SKU 201-20

More about Milwaukee Tools:

Milwaukee Tool is a top manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools worldwide. Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tools has led the industry in both durability and performance. Furthermore, they have an unwavering commitment to the trades. Milwaukee focuses on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions and quality tools. In conclusion, they are dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced solutions for the trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability.

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Celebrating International Women’s Month

In honor of International Women’s Month, we’ve asked several women within our Blackman community to share their stories, both personal and professional. These women, along with many other women in our organization, have made exceptional achievements within our industry and beyond. We look forward to sharing their stories with you!

Annie Panico, Sales and Design Consultant 

How long have you worked at Blackman? I’ve been with Blackman for 18 years.

Why do you enjoy working at Blackman? I love the thrill of designing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms!  My mother taught me the important lesson, that it was better to wait to find just the right piece than to waste your money on something you would want to replace. I love my job because I enjoy doing things for other people and making other.people happy. Everyone who designs knows the great rush you get when you see the final before and after pictures and how happy  the clients are with the beautiful end results in a space and room that you helped create!

What is your greatest accomplishment ? Watching my daughter one day become a Doctor!

What is one thing you do for yourself every day or frequently? I meditate or take time to listen to music to relax my mind and soul.

Is there a woman in history or your life who inspires you? Marie Curie won two Nobel Peace Prizes – in 1903 and again in 1911 – but that doesn’t mean her male contemporaries gave her an easy time. To the contrary, she battled sexism throughout her entire career. Not only did Marie Curie’s research contribute to the development of x-rays in surgery, her tenacious spirit set her apart from her male peers. ‘Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.’- Marie Curie 

What is one bit of advice you would give to other working women? Strive to be your best in all you do! You may not feel up to par on busy days, however if you believe you can achieve you will succeed!

Diana Desiderio, Branch Manager, Wantagh

How long have you worked at Blackman? I’ve been with Blackman 30 years on February 29th. 

Why do you enjoy working at Blackman? Working at Blackman has given me the opportunity to help people find solutions to serious problems, such as no heat or hot water. Additionally, aiding clients in the bathroom and kitchen design process gives me the opportunity to make dreams a reality.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Helping people and animals in need, whether it be Superstorm Sandy victims or abused or neglected animals. That gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

What is one thing you do for yourself every day or frequently? Give thanks to God for all of my blessings.

Is there a woman in history or your life who inspires you? My mom, she was a strong, courageous, independent woman for 80 years of her life!

What is one bit of advice you would give to other working women? Be true to yourself, no matter what and always follow through

Brooke King, Sales and Design Consultant 

How long have you worked at Blackman? I’ve been a member of the Blackman team for 2 years now.

Why do you enjoy working at Blackman? Working at Blackman gives me the ability to work in a beautiful showroom and help homeowners create the kitchen and bathroom of their dreams.

What is your greatest accomplishment ? Graduating Penn State, Smeal College of Business ‘13.

What is one thing you do for yourself every day or frequently? I start my day with positive thoughts like listening to a podcast or watching a motivational YouTube video.

Is there a woman in history or your life who inspires you? My most recent inspiration comes from Joe Rogan’s podcast featuring Danica Patrick. The feature motivated me to dare to be different!

What is one bit of advice you would give to other working women? Don’t think of yourself as a woman in the workplace, think of yourself as a PERSON.  OR to achieve greatness, you have to do what others won’t do.

Nancy Gargiulo, Assistant Manager

How long have you worked at Blackman? I have been working at Blackman for 22 years.

Why do you enjoy working at Blackman? I believe in our reputation and take great pride in being a member of our terrific staff.

What is your greatest accomplishment?  My two boys who impress and motivate me on a daily basis.

What is one thing you do for yourself everyday or frequently? I love taking a few moments every day to let loose and dance.

Is there a woman in history or your life who inspires you? I believe that all women are inspirational in one way or another. We must strive to embrace the unique perspectives each of us has and continue to inspire and learn from each other.

What is one bit of advice you would give to other working women? Don’t give up and believe in yourself, even during the moments when others may doubt you.

Join Our Team!

Join Team Blackman!

Interested in becoming a part of the Blackman Community? We’re  always looking for self motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team! Learn more and apply today by visiting our careers page.

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Blackman AD Field Marketing Summit 2018

Blackman Field Marketing Summit 2018: Recap

In an effort to facilitate exceptional sales practices and brand representation among their various locations, Blackman hosted a Field Marketing Summit. An event dedicated to the education and training of Blackman employees provided by top industry brands.  “In order to properly sell and represent the outstanding brands our organization carries, we must educate the members of our Blackman community on the latest industry news and product availability,” said Blackman Marketing Manager, Francesca Messina.

The  event was held from Monday, February 12th to Tuesday, February 13th. It was hosted at the Piermont in Babylon, NY. It included presentations from brands such as Fujitsu, Taco, Uphonor, HC, Bradford White, Mueller, Oatey, Charlotte Pipe, Moen, Honeywell, Diversified and Ruud. Each vendor presentation featured exciting product announcements and demonstrations as well as industry trend projections and brand specific selling tips.

With both Vendors and Blackman representatives in the same room, the Field Marketing Summit allowed for the opportunity to share ideas, ask compelling questions and foster strong working relationships. Eessential pieces for a successful vendor-seller relationship.

Both Vendors and Blackman Team members found the event greatly beneficial. Blackman looks forward to hosting the event again next year.

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Blackman Plumbing Supply and Dellon Sales Co. Support Puerto Rico Relief Effort

By Brent Brake, Dellon Sales Co.

Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, home to almost 3.5 million Americans.

Those of us with personal ties to the island were shocked by the catastrophe Hurricane Maria left behind. It has been sobering and emotional.

Right after the hurricane, Blackman Plumbing Supply Wantagh and Dellon Sales Co. stepped up to the plate and set up a Puerto Rico donation site at the Wantagh location. We placed collection boxes at the counter and collected clothing, toys, shoes, books, and countless other supplies for the Americans in need. We also purchased pallets of bottled water to send to the island.

Mayor De Blasio stopped by our drop-off site to thank us for our involvement.

He handed me a beautiful note and wrote a message of love and support for Puerto Rico. “New York City will always be with Puerto Rico! We stand with you and for you! I am here to support you.” Signed Mayor De Blasio.

I know that the people of Puerto Rico appreciate everything that Blackman Plumbing Supply has done to support the recovery. I am thankful Blackman Plumbing Supply Wantagh rose to this challenge. I would like to thank Diana Desiderio and her Wantagh team for taking action and making a difference.

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Happy One Year Anniversary Blackman West Palm Beach!

Happy One Year Anniversary Blackman West Palm Beach, FL!

Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe it’s been one year since the Grand Opening of our West Palm Beach Plumbing Showroom. We opened a luxurious new showroom in West Palm Beach, brining exceptional customer service and a wide range of lux product lines to the market. An elaborate reception was attended by a who’s who list of over 200 architects, interior designers, realtors, and guests from the surrounding areas to celebrate our first location in Florida.

The Showroom Experience

Our spectacular 7,000-square-foot plumbing, tile, and lighting showroom is located at 820 South Dixie Highway. It is serving many of our customers who own a second home in South Florida. Furthermore, we also welcome new customers from sunny Florida. “This new location is perfectly situated for our clients who live in this part of Florida, and we are thrilled to be here,” our Vice President, David Lyon says. “The selection of bath and plumbing fixtures is unmatched, and we also offer all the services of a design center, with expert assistance from our showroom consultants.”

What Will You Find?

Design selections include flooring, faucets, fixtures, countertops, sinks, and tiles. We display product from some of the industry’s most illustrious names. Including Franke, Hudson Valley, Samuel Heath, Swarovski, Kallista, Watermark, Ann Sacks and THG.

Blackman West Palm Beach Showroom: 820 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (561) 650-7425. Make an Appointment Today! 

Make An Appointment

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