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Loud & Clear: Voice Technology Available In KOHLER Konnect Bath Mirror

Voice Technology Available In KOHLER Konnect

Written By: Gwen Donovan

Ashley Pantel is Associate Channel Manager for Cross-Channel Strategies at Kohler, a position that focuses on Styling Space categories. KOHLER Konnect is one of the newest products her company is offering. KOHLER Konnect combines Smart Home technology with pure performance in the bath.

“The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa is the first mirror in the industry to feature voice control technology,” Ashley said. “With Amazon Alexa built into the mirror, it saves valuable counter space. It is able to serve the same functions as an Amazon Echo, meaning it can activate over 20,000 Alexa skills.”

As a result, this mirror is a major multi-tasker, Ashley added. “It improves the comfort and functionality of time spent in the bathroom to be hands-free, seamless and more convenient, and it will also be able to interact with other connected products in your Wi-Fi network using KOHLER Konnect.”

Customers report that the mirror has been a game changer when it comes starting your day on a positive note. “Imagine a morning routine where it’s entirely hands-free. Well, this mirror enables that. A user can improve their morning experience by listening to weather or traffic info while putting on their makeup with the right lighting. They can also easily add lipstick or shaving cream to the shopping list with a simple voice command. Instead of fumbling for the light switch, the motion activated nightlight makes it easy to navigate the bathroom in the dark.”

Day or night, the KOHLER Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is an innovative product. It is quickly gaining popularity among consumers based on its ability to streamline daily tasks, Ashley said. “Some voice commands include adjusting the lighting, playing your favorite music, checking the news, adding items to your shopping cart… and many more!”

Additional KOHLER Konnect bath products present the same voice-enabled technology for the shower, bathtub and faucet. The cutting-edge line includes the Sensate Faucet, DTV+ Shower, Touchless Response Toilet, Numi Toilet and Perfect Fill option for the bathtub which assures the perfect depth and temperature for an indulgent—and personalized—soak in the tub.

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Which Toilet Should I Choose?

Written By: Gwen Donovan

Today’s commode toilet offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and features. We spoke with Monica A. Flynn in Showroom Sales at Blackman’s Mahwah location, and she shared her insights about which are most popular and how to narrow down your choices. “We offer many types of toilets. The first two things that I like to ask my clients are who will be using the toilet and where will it be located in the house,” Monica said.

“The reason I like to know where it will be going is that a powder room is usually where we do a little more of a special look,” she explained. “Wall-hung toilets are fabulous and provide a clean look because the tank is hidden in the wall. For this specific type of toilet we sell a lot of Geberit systems. This type of toilet bowl is offered by many companies. The 6600 u1 model from Villeroy & Boch is a great well-priced wall-hung toilet.”

For those seeking a modern, streamlined look, Monica said a one-piece skirted toilet is beautiful and easy to clean. “Nooks and crannies in toilets are not a positive when children are using it,” she said. When budgets are a consideration, Monica suggests a two-piece style. “A two-piece toilet is sometimes easier to install because it is easier to carry two pieces compared to one. They are also less expensive if you are looking at the same style between a one-piece and a two-piece.”

When customers are shopping for bidets, Monica said there are several options. “We have Toto Neorest, which is a toilet with a bidet combined into one. Kohler offers a washlet toilet seat, which has a wand under the seat that rinses you with warm water that goes onto an existing Kohler toilet. This makes it easier because you do not have to replace a perfectly fine working toilet. Washlets are becoming more popular due to their versatile cleaning ability, but I would not put them into a powder room.”

Another factor to think about is the height of a commode, Monica noted. “Comfort height toilets have become the new norm due to the fact that they are higher than older styles.” Even the shape of the bowl varies, she added. “The only reason you would want a rounded front toilet is because of a space issue, an elongated front is preferred.”

While the decision-making process can be involved, Monica said a trip to Blackman often saves the day, “The best advice I can give is to visit a showroom and speak to a professional. They pick out toilets all day long, and are knowledgeable about the different needs and wants concerning their customers.”

Join Blackman for the American Standard Remodeling Experience! Visit the Mahwah Showroom on March 10th from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM for refreshments and fun while you explore new American Standard displays. At 1:00 PM we will host a discussion on the latest trends for the bathroom space. Enter to win free American Standard product

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An Interview with Interior Designer Greg McKenzie: Inspirational & Innovative

Greg McKenzie: Inspirational & Innovative

Written by: Gwen Donovan

Greg McKenzie of Greg McKenzie Designs is celebrated for his cutting-edge and inspirational interior design work. His reach extends from the Hamptons and Manhattan to Boston, Chicago, Palm Beach, Europe and Cabo San Lucas, resulting in some of the world’s most stunning residences.

How would you describe your design style?

Transitional, meaning modern/mid-century modern, which is paired with old elements in the mix for a sense of history and time. When you’re mixing styles and periods it makes for good design. I try not to embrace trends too much. I look for longevity in classic things that stand the test of time.

What are some of the common threads you rely on for your signature style?

The biggest thing for me is to try and re-purpose things. My philosophy is that it hast to look great and it has to be comfortable. Comfort, function and beauty are so important. I’m not a designer that you can say “That’s a Greg McKenzie room.” It’s a very intimate thing to be invited into someone’s house and make it into their home.

What was your favorite design project?

I just completed a year-long, 5,500-square-foot apartment in Palm Beach where all the bath fixtures came from Blackman.

What is your background in the design field?

I have a degree in English with a minor in political communications. Early in my career I was in advertising with a sales and marketing background. Then I switched to retail, working for companies like Devonshire (I managed a Devonshire shop in the East End), and later I was a stylist.  Once I realized design was my forte, I went to design school and started my business in 2001.

Where do get inspiration from? 

I get inspiration from all sorts of places: clothing, color samples, color palette swatches, a piece of furniture or a rug. Anyone worth their salt in the design field is always learning.

Do you have any design secrets to share?

I like to work with the architectural style of a home when I design. A traditional home looks strange with all modern furnishings; you need to find a happy medium where the architecture matches the interior. I strongly associate my design approach and a home’s location. If it’s at the beach, there’s an element of relaxation. In New York City, you want some glamour. In Miami Beach, you can go a little wild and extraordinary. Palm Beach is all about color and casual elegance.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you or your design firm?

Most of my clients are longtime and we have worked on multiple projects together. My big thing is I really, really enjoy and love what I do and I think that shows in the final product. It’s got to feel good, and it’s got to feel like home.

Visit Greg McKenzies website to learn more about Greg McKenzie Designs.


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An Interview with Interior Designer Sarah Mendel: Well-Edited Spaces

Sarah Mendel of Cochineal Design: Well-Edited Spaces

By Gwen Donovan

Sarah Mendel is a Principal Designer at Cochineal Design. A New York-based interior design firm specializing in fine residential and commercial interiors. She offers expertise in space planning and the decorative arts, often from the start of a new construction project or renovation. Sarah’s designs reflect a sense of playful elegance, focusing on fine materials and exacting proportions.

How would you describe your design style?

I’m not sure I have a particular style, rather I have a particular taste. I like a room to feel refined, balanced and well-edited. At the same time, I’m very drawn to textures and materials, so a lot of the richness in our designs comes from layering textiles, hard materials, color and nature. Ultimately we want the end result to feel like home to the client, so we aim to let our tastes lead the design rather than our personal styles.

What are some of the “common threads” you rely on for your signature style?

A home is extremely personal and we are very aware of this. Therefore I think the link in all our residential designs is the focus on listening to and understanding the client’s lifestyle needs. Before we ever pick a piece of furniture or choose a color palette, we design a floor plan to meet those needs. It’s a very thoughtful process.

What was your favorite design project?

My favorite project is a new construction townhouse in downtown Manhattan–the entire house is only 12-feet wide (only in Manhattan!). We saw the narrow width as an opportunity to design differently. We understood the layout had to be efficient, but we also really focused on treating the materials and finishes like furniture. What I mean by that is the architecture and the furnishings were really one in the same, so the architectural design components drove the overall design: doors, molding, cabinetry and built-ins.

Do you have a personal story you’d like to share about a design project?

Friends of mine hired my firm Cochineal Design to redesign and renovate their condo to better suit their growing family. Most often when we finish a project, we hand the keys back to the client and our interaction with the space is completed. However in this instance, I get to participate in the space—I play with their kids in the bedroom we designed, and I help cook in the kitchen we renovated. It’s a reminder of how fun and rewarding interior design is for me and I feel privileged that I get to do this for a living.

What is your background in the design field?

My formal design education is from Parsons School of Design. However before going to grad school I worked in real estate development, building high-rise condos and hotels. Therefore a lot of my construction and renovation background comes from practice.

How many years have you been an interior designer?

I established Cochineal Design 2015 but I’ve been in the field for almost a decade.

How do you continue to be inspired when it comes to re-imagining interior spaces?

I think we are living in an interesting time for creative fields. Social media has changed the game. When I started, we read trade magazines. We went to as many new high-design hotels and restaurants as we could. We traveled in order to discover foreign tastes and methods. Now with Instagram and Pinterest, access to all these things is free and instantaneous. I personally don’t believe digital images can replace experiencing a space in person, because as designers we need to grasp ambiance, circulation and interaction, which a photo can’t express, but I think social media offers a great accompaniment to the more established methods.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you or your design firm?

We work closely with a number of outside trades and vendors, such as millworkers, upholsterers and furniture showrooms, in order to ultimately realize our designs. We appreciate that forming sound and gracious relationships with these parties is paramount to the success of our designs.

Visit her website to learn more!

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Happy One Year Anniversary Blackman West Palm Beach!

Happy One Year Anniversary Blackman West Palm Beach, FL!

Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe it’s been one year since the Grand Opening of our West Palm Beach Plumbing Showroom. We opened a luxurious new showroom in West Palm Beach, brining exceptional customer service and a wide range of lux product lines to the market. An elaborate reception was attended by a who’s who list of over 200 architects, interior designers, realtors, and guests from the surrounding areas to celebrate our first location in Florida.

The Showroom Experience

Our spectacular 7,000-square-foot plumbing, tile, and lighting showroom is located at 820 South Dixie Highway. It is serving many of our customers who own a second home in South Florida. Furthermore, we also welcome new customers from sunny Florida. “This new location is perfectly situated for our clients who live in this part of Florida, and we are thrilled to be here,” our Vice President, David Lyon says. “The selection of bath and plumbing fixtures is unmatched, and we also offer all the services of a design center, with expert assistance from our showroom consultants.”

What Will You Find?

Design selections include flooring, faucets, fixtures, countertops, sinks, and tiles. We display product from some of the industry’s most illustrious names. Including Franke, Hudson Valley, Samuel Heath, Swarovski, Kallista, Watermark, Ann Sacks and THG.

Blackman West Palm Beach Showroom: 820 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (561) 650-7425. Make an Appointment Today! 

Make An Appointment

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An Interview with Designer Betsy Shiverick

Betsy Shiverick: Palm Beach Style

Betsy Shiverick is an interior designer at Betsy Shiverick Interiors, Ltd., located in Palm Beach, Florida. A self-proclaimed furniture junkie, she is just as likely to visit an auction site as a designer showroom for big, interesting pieces that lend character to a room.

How would you describe your design style?
I am definitely classic and traditional with a high degree of comfortable living, nothing stiff or formal. Green is my favorite color, it brings the outdoors in. I also like red and use a lot of brown, black and dark blues.

What are some of the design elements that define your signature style?
There are several things you can do to make a room really special. Wood paneling, wallpaper and special colors—I’m not into white—are big things for me. I really love oriental rugs, white slipcovered couches with lots of throw pillows, and textiles and throws from around the world. I don’t like heavy shades or drapes, I hope for architectural windows that stand alone. I am also a fan of “books for looks.” Coffee table books have such great covers. In bedrooms, I am a fan of canopy beds. They make a room look cozy and it’s a nice place to lay your head at night.

What was your favorite design project?
I just worked with my architect and we partnered to restore a landmark 1927 Spanish Villa in Palm Beach. Over the years, the original look was no longer honored. Now it has a restored façade with a parapet wall trimmed in terra cotta, steel mullions on the windows, and pecky cypress wood from Florida. It was designed with the Florida vernacular in mind using an organic approach and natural materials. The home has new air conditioning, new baths, and integrates finishes like limestone, cypress, terra cotta and a clay tile roof. We kept everything we could and added balustrades and paneling.

That sounds like a fabulous home!
Yes, it won two awards. The Addison Mizner medal from The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, and the Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award for new construction of a whole house from the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.

What is your background in the design field?
I have a B.A. in history from Mount Holyoke College and spent 21 years on Wall Street until 2003 when I went to the New York School of Interior Design. I am one course short of a design degree! My favorite class was called The Science of Color.

How do you continue to be inspired when it comes to designing interior spaces?
Every night I read through a pile of coffee table books. I can constantly find ideas from design books and design magazines, and put my own spin on it. Then I go to bed thinking about new ideas.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you or your design firm?
There is no decorating police; you should do what makes you happy and what you like. Take inspiration from anything you see, and don’t re-invent the wheel.

*Photography by Owen McGoldrick

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Top 5 Trade Specials for February 2018

Our Trade specials are out for February and they are better than ever! Have you visited our promotions page to view them all? Here are our top 5 Trade Specials in February. Remember, we believe in the POWER of the trade. Shop at your local Blackman Trade Supply house for professional service and exceptional selection.


1. Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Kit (2704-22) $299 + a $100 Prepaid Gift Card

Looking for POWER? The M18 FUEL™ Hammer Drill is the Most Powerful 18-volt cordless drill on the market.The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 1,200 in-lbs of torque and up to 2,000 RPM, providing faster drilling speed under heavy load to increase productivity. At only 7.75″ in length, it is the Most Compact drill in its class, reducing fatigue when used for extended periods of time and allowing access to tight work spaces. REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating and over-discharge. The REDLITHIUM XC5.0™ Battery Pack delivers more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than the competitors. The M18 FUEL™ Hammer Drill’s all-metal ratcheting locking chuck provides maximum grip, bit retention and durability.Buy it at your local Blackman branch today!


2. Buy a Burnham K2 Combi Boiler and receive a FREE Service Parts Kit (106260-03) Valued at $200

Models Included in Promotion: K2WTC-135B & K2WTC-180BLooking for Energy Efficiency? With an AFUE up to 95%, the K2 condensing boiler does an outstanding job of establishing a balance between high efficiency and high value. This is achieved by mating the proven and reliable performance of a high efficiency heat exchanger with the Sage2.2 control system. The impressive list of high-value standard features that come with the K2 boiler adds to the overall savings that it can provide. The K2 is also wall-mounted, offering a space-saving, low depth profile that is tremendously flexible in tight installation spaces.Learn more about the K2 Product here.


3. Taco 0015 3 Speed Circulator Plum (0015-MSF3-IFC) ONLY $67.00

Looking for the LOWEST priced circulator in New York or New Jersey? Look no further!The 0015 3-Speed pump is specifically designed for the wide range of flow and head requirements of today’s hydronic heating systems. It’s 3-Speed switching capability provides fine tuning control to match a wide combination of tube diameters and length of runs.Learn more about the Taco 0015 here.


4. Amtrol Extrol Expansion Tanks #15 at $20.95 AND #30 at $26.13

Extrol expansion tanks accept expanded fluid in closed-loop hydronic systems to control pressure buildup, improve comfort and help reduce energy costs. Nearly seven decades after inventing the first diaphragm expansion tank, Amtrol’s lineup now includes specialty models engineered for modern, high-efficiency systems. None of it would have been possible without Extrol — The One That Started It All™.


5. Slant Fin Baseboard

Our Baseboard is at the Lowest Prices of the season. Included in our deep discounts are the Element & Cover, End Caps, and Inside Corner. Check out page 10 of the February Mailer to view the discounts OR visit your local Blackman branch.

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Keeping Things Chill an Interview with Mike Zimmardi HVAC Division Manager at Blackman

HVAC Honeywell

Summer will be here before you know it! Stay cool this summer with a selection of air conditioning options for any space in the home.

By Gwen Donovan

After a sweltering hot summer day, there’s nothing better than coming home to cool, refreshing air conditioning. Mike Zimmardi, Division Manager of HVAC at Blackman, recently shared his thoughts about some new and innovative cooling products available at Blackman this upcoming summer season. With many years of expertise in the industry, he explains how different options can enhance every room.

Central air conditioning is a leading choice for its ability to cool a home simply by adjusting the thermostat. Blackman carries the Ruud product line, known for their reliability and energy-saving features. “We have everything from basic to super high efficiency Ruud systems,” Zimmardi says. “The higher the efficiency, the lower your electric bill will be.”

Whether you need to install a new central air conditioning system or upgrade your current system, homeowners can ask a Blackman sales representative for names of multiple qualified contractors to do the job. “Blackman can recommend a contractor who will offer better service and better warranties. We work with dealers and contractors who are certified by the manufacturer,” Zimmardi notes.

When central air conditioning isn’t an option– due to a home being older or a new room addition that doesn’t require an entire system– ductless air conditioners are a great choice, Zimmardi says. “Ductless systems are good for older homes but they also work well in places you might not think of, like outdoor kitchens that are actually enclosed in a house-like environment, or garages. Some homeowners want a climate controlled environment for their car collections, and others have a small office built into their garage, so a ductless unit is perfect for those spaces.” He says these systems are also are ideal in parts of the home that get a lot of natural light like sun rooms or enclosed porches.

Blackman carries Fujitsu ductless air conditioning units which can are recessed and mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling. “You can have anything from a single zone to eight zones on a basic unit that is set up outside your home,” Zimmardi says. “You only need a two-and-a-half inch hole for the installation process, so there’s not a lot of construction involved.” These easy-to-install units can replace window, portable and wall units, which gives rooms a better design aesthetic and lessens noise, he adds. “These Fujitsu units are sleek, pretty and quiet. All you hear is the air blowing, there’s no rumbling or vibrations that you typically find in wall unit air conditioners.”

A highlight of the Fujitsu models is the heat mode for chilly summer days or any season of the year, Zimmardi adds. This user-friendly heat feature is available on all Fujitsu air conditioning units.

Still not convinced? Consider these points:
• Central air systems improve indoor air quality by filtering out allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander, making your home’s environment significantly healthier.
• “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity”: problem solved since central air reduces humidity.
• Since the central air conditioning mechanics (fan, compressor and condenser) are located outside, there is little or no interior noise.
• Unlike window air conditioners, central air conditioning won’t affect your home’s curb appeal.
• You will never have to install or remove window air conditioners as the seasons change.
• When it’s time to sell your home, air conditioning adds to the value and is a feature buyers seek.
• Central air systems are easily operated, a flick of the switch is all it takes to cool your entire home.

To control your air conditioning remotely, Zimmardi suggests upgrading your thermostat with one from Honeywell’s Lyric line. “These are really innovative thermostats that allow you to make your home a Smart Home. The Lyric thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home as well as your humidifier, air cleaner and even your door bell.”

For more information about central air conditioning systems, visit a Blackman Plumbing Supply Trade Counters. The expert staff can help you discover options for your home and budget, share information about energy efficiency features, and develop a plan to make this summer your coolest one ever.

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Blackman & Julien: Fixing the Kitchen Sink

Ariella and Brooke King

Form meets function in an innovative Julien kitchen sink design by Ariella Werzberger, a sales associate in Blackman’s Mahwah Showroom

It all started with a kitchen sink.

When a display sink in Blackman’s Mahwah showroom was discontinued, sales associate Ariella Werzberger decided to take the matter into her own hands. She partnered with Julien, a leading kitchen equipment manufacturer, to design a new floor model. “I wanted something special and unique that our clients didn’t have,” Werzberger explains.

Kitchen Sink Design

Beginning with a sketch of her idea, Werzberger worked closely with a team of engineers and production staff at Julien to create a highly stylish yet hardworking sink. The result is a sleek, custom model with a number of innovative features. Fabricated of 16-gauge commercial grade stainless steel, the apron-front design offers a collection of integrated industrial-style accessories accented in walnut trim.

“People are always looking for accessories, so this sink has them all in one area to minimize clutter and maximum a streamlined look,” Werzberger says. “The walnut trim draws people’s attention with a warm, organic feel.” Accessories include a walnut cutting board that slides into place across the sink top, a stainless steel drying rack with walnut trim, a stainless steel colander accented by walnut handles, and a champagne cooler made of wood with a stainless steel-rimmed opening to hold a bottle in place when the sink is filled with ice. These accessories allow the sink to serve multiple purposes, including additional counter space when the cutting board slides in place.

The sink is a success on the showroom floor, with orders already taken for this custom item. Werzberger reports that working with the staff at Julien was a positive experience, and the collaborative back-and-forth spirit made for an exciting project that she hopes to repeat in the future. “From the aesthetics to the technical components and installation, Julien was an ideal design partner,” she adds.

Werzberger has a strong background in retail and customer service, joining the Mahwah showroom about three years ago. “It’s a wonderful thing that Blackman allows me to be creative and gave me the opportunity to contribute my design ideas to this kitchen sink; it’s just one of the great things about working at Blackman,” she notes.

Blackman Plumbing Supply can customize products for your home. Visit a local showroom for more information. Are you interested in working with Ariella? She can be reach via email here.

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Allison in Wonderland

Based in Brooklyn, Allison Eden Studios is one of the world’s most sought-after glass art houses.

By Gwen Donovan

With her flowing purple hair and bright graphic print dresses, it’s hard to miss accomplished mosaic tile artist Allison Eden. Her equally colorful creations appear in the homes of fashion designers, singers, and even reality television stars: the kitchen backsplash she created for Kris Kardashian is one of her most-requested orders. Known for her inimitable style, Eden uses only recycled and U.S.-made materials for her designs which grace commercial and residential spaces around the world. The nucleus of all this innovation begins at her workspace in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the eponymously-named Allison Eden Studios.

Established in 1995, the studio’s award-winning designs have been featured in hotels and casinos such as The Venetian in Macau, Canyon Ranch locations, The Wynn Hotel, The Cosmopolitan, Mohegan Sun, Kimpton Hotels, Sidra Medical Center in Qatar, Henri Bendel, Piaget, Kiehls, L’Oreal, Bergdorf Goodman, The Westin, Atlantis in the Bahamas, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz Carlton Hotels, The Mandarin Oriental, Marriott International, Hyatt International and Baku Tower.

Signs of an artistic life were evident early in Eden’s life; she always painted and drew detailed artwork, which led her to study fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Shortly after graduating, she walked by a glass store in the garment district and was drawn inside by the vibrant colors. That last-minute impulse kick-started her future career. “I made little tile boards and promoted them as a wall covering to my fashion clients. It evolved into a teeny little studio in the garment district.” After 9/11, her husband’s job on Wall Street was on hold after his office was destroyed, so he started helping out and soon became an integral part of the business. “He is the brains of the operation,” Eden says.

Fast forward to the present-day, and it’s easy to see why Eden’s talent in glass has given her a winning reputation. She won the Best in Show, textile category, for her booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held in New York’s Jacob Javits Center in May. She was also honored to exhibit at Art Basel in Miami last December, when all of her new works at Red Dot Art Fair were sold. Followers of her Instagram account are treated to a rainbow-hued scroll of cleverly-fabricated glass eye candy.

“We do art on glass, I don’t consider it tile,” Eden says. “Each piece is handcrafted. It’s all about the quality and the details and making something beautiful, not fast and cheap. Everything we make is all done by hand and it needs to be perfect.”

Leading interior designers and architects actively seek Eden out for her trendy designs which have been featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, New York Cottages and Gardens, and Elle Decor.

Recent installations included the iconic Christmas windows at Bloomingdale’s department store in Manhattan, Eden says. “In December we had an underwater theme with a huge chandelier made in gold that moved. It won third place of all the holiday windows in New York City; I didn’t even know there was such a contest!” Eden was also featured in Bloomingdale’s Fashion Week windows, while another project showcased her work in the Christopher Kennedy Compound, the Modernism Week Show House 2017, a lively Palm Springs house tour that took place in February.

Working closely with her husband who handles the business end of things, most of the employees at Allison Eden Studios have been with her for ten years or longer. “Everyone who works here loves glass; everyone here is an artist and every project is very unique,” Eden says. “Give us a picture and we can create what you need from a photo.”

With an impressive client list that includes Elton John, Rhianna and Steve Madden, Eden is thrilled to do work she loves, adding her signature flair to wall coverings, bathrooms and art pieces. From the Toy Building in Manhattan to feature walls in hotels, a synagogue in Panama, and a subway station in Seattle, Eden’s work is as far-reaching as it is bold and colorful.

Alison Eden Custom Mosaics are available at Blackman Plumbing Supply locations in Southampton, NY and West Palm Beach, FL. Alison will be hosting an event at Blackman West Palm Beach on March 22nd to celebrate the launch of her new textile line. Visit our events page for more information!

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