Daily Harvest: The Perfect Blend of Taste and Nutrition

Rachel Drori’s Innovative New Subscription Service Delivers Healthy, Ready-to-Blend Frozen Smoothies, Soups and Breakfast Bowls

By Gwen Donovan

The philosophy of Daily Harvest can be summed up as “Nutrition on Demand.” This popular new subscription service is joining the home-delivered, pre-packaged food movement and is a stand out for several reasons: frozen soups and ready-to-blend smoothies are created from healthy, organic ingredients; each product features superfoods with no added sugar or preservatives; and each is perfectly portioned and ready to blend or heat in a freezer-ready Daily Harvest cup. New to the company’s line-up are Activated Breakfast Bowls. These protein-rich overnight oats and chia parfaits use the same all-natural and organic methods as the soups and smoothies.

Recipes have been co-created by Daily Harvest’s team of chefs and nutritionists using produce picked at peak nutrition and flash frozen on the farm, so each item is as fresh and nutritious as items from your local farmer’s market. Rachel Drori, founder and CEO of this booming New York-based company, explains how her products make good nutrition easy and delicious.

“Daily Harvest came from a personal need. I am an athlete who is well-versed in health and fitness. We all aspire to each a certain way, but life gets in the way,” Drori said. She used to spend a lot of time prepping smoothie ingredients for the week in her kitchen and stashing them in the freezer. When she noticed her husband (who she says “can’t butter toast”) preparing a smoothie for himself using her pre-packaged bags of frozen ingredients every morning, she figured the idea had real business potential.

Business potential is something Drori knows a lot about. Before officially launching Daily Harvest in 2016, she had a strong background in marketing and branding. This graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University business school started her career at the Four Seasons Hotel and also worked for American Express and Gilt Groupe. Her parents are both entrepreneurs who told her “If you have a good idea, do it,” so she used that same spirit to start her own company.

From humble beginnings, Drori saw the untapped potential of a health-oriented food delivery service. “I started in a commercial kitchen in Long Island City. I bagged up all the ingredients and started delivering them all over New York City in my car. I realized then that this was a real opportunity.” Today, Daily Harvest is headquartered in New York’s Flatiron district and deliveries are shipped around the country.

“Every city has its own favorite smoothie flavor,” she said. “In New York, the mint chipper (mint + cacao) is our top seller, and other parts of the country really like our acai cherry or chocolate avocado smoothies.” At home, her two-year old son loves the carrot and chia smoothie, which Drori says tastes like carrot cake. It includes ingredients like organic sweet potatoes, dates, bananas, carrots, chia seeds, ginger and vanilla bean. Her personal favorite is blueberry hemp which has the same flavor profiles as a slice of blueberry pie. Organic Blueberries, spinach, kale, raw walnuts, hemp protein and golden figs combine in this tasty purple-toned smoothie.

Daily Harvest takes great pride in delivering the most nutritionally-dense products. “A lot of people don’t realize this, but the produce we buy at the grocery store can be pretty old,” Drori says. “An apple can be picked up to a year and a half before it appears on the shelf, and blueberries can be weeks and weeks old. Many fruits are picked when they are green and allowed to ripen off the vine. Unfortunately, the nutrient profile degrades over time. We pick our fruits and vegetables at their nutritional peak in order to develop their full flavor and nutrient content.” The produce is frozen immediately on the farm, ensuring its freshness and reinforcing the company’s promise of “SuperFoods. Super Fast.”

Smoothie flavors include conventional combinations like strawberry and peach, cold brew coffee and almond, or watermelon and cucumber, while others blend mango and camu or pineapple and matcha for a more adventurous flavor profile. Drori says plain or coconut water go into the mix, noting that substituting water for almond or coconut milk results in a creamier taste. “What’s great about our products is that they are right in line with our modern, busy lifestyles,” Drori explains. “It takes 30 seconds to make a smoothie and there’s no compromise in flavor or nutrition.”

New products unveiled this spring include a selection of Activated Breakfast Bowls, overnight oats and chia parfaits. “They are filled with whole foods and fruits. You just add liquid and it activates overnight in the refrigerator. It’s natural nutrition.” Chia Parfaits are available in blackberry + majik, chocolate protein + triphata or mango + golden milk. Overnight oat flavors include cinnamon protein + banana, mulberry + dragon fruit, and pumpkin + chai. There are currently three soups available from Daily Harvest: coconut and carrot, a curry-flavored recipe; the ramen-inspired mushroom and miso; or zucchini and black garlic, which is similar to classic Italian minestrone.

Curious about Daily Harvest? Blackman at Home readers who visit daily-harvest.com and use the code BLACKMAN at checkout will receive three free smoothies with select orders.

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