Designer Spotlight: Drake+Anderson

Fearless Style With Drake+Anderson

“Hard, glittering materials abound in the desin, but all are softened by luxurious textures as antidote to our glorious urban jungle.” – Jamie Drake

By: Brett Williams  Photo credit: Marco Ricca

In many ways, New York City is defined as a race to the top; this is a mindset of its people, a philosophy of its businesses and in recent years, a trope to describe its residential towers. Nested high in one of these beanstalk buildings is an international client’s pied-à-terre, a project by designers Drake/Anderson directly inspired by the surrounding city. “The soaring towers of Manhattan sprawling in all directions were inspiration. Hard, glittering materials abound in the design, but all are softened by luxurious textures as antidote to our glorious urban jungle,” says Drake.

At the helm of New York-based design firm, Drake/Anderson is Jamie Drake, a long-celebrated master known for his fearless approach to color and Caleb Anderson, an award-winning designer with an eclectic, collected approach. Together, they created a space that both salutes and belies the practice of restraint, feeling clean and graceful with striking materials and exaggerated statement pieces.

A curatorial mix of antique, artisan and custom furnishings is modus operandi for Drake/Anderson and leavens the space with personality and place. Custom pieces are vital to their projects and Drake is no stranger to product design with, among others, collections at THG Paris, Labrazel, Boyd Lighting, and Theodore Alexander. In the master bedroom exists a design dialogue that Drake calls his favorite, “a lacquer dresser is home to an almost erotic marble lamp, while an exquisite mirror ringed in delicate white ceramic blossoms is cartoon-like in its charming whimsy.” Luxury wall finishes are seen throughout including a gray Teodorico Venetian plaster in the dining room, a Venetian plaster with silver speckling in the guest bedroom, and custom shagreen panels in the foyer.

Design development for the 4200 square foot apartment was an expeditious two months and the client afforded the designers a substantial amount of creative elbow room. “We only had one meeting prior to being hired, so it needed to be an extraordinarily quick study. Relying on that conversation, and a shared passion for contemporary masters of the decorative arts, we were emboldened to get to work,” says Drake.

Low-slung furniture playfully contradicts the surrounding high-rises and, in addition to the client-requested neutral color palette of black, white and grays, accentuates the sweeping city views. Anderson’s favorite piece plays perfect example, “the Fernando chair by Julian Mayor couldn’t be more fitting — it’s a statement, sculptural and keeps its weight low to the ground.” When the opportunity arose and they could muster client buy-in, they layered in additional colors in a discerning way: azure in the living room, a deep scarlet in the master bedroom, and emerald green in one of the guest rooms.

This getaway apartment may be in the heart of a city where cars and businesswomen race by, but the view from that altitude shows a city at near standstill. The design, while undeniably holding interest, has a breathability and is complementary to this calm.

This article was taken from the 2018 Summer Edition of Blackman at Home Magazine 

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