Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Infinity Drain

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Infinity Drain: An Outdoor Project Feature

When compared to that of a more traditional drainage system, homeowners and designers alike are quick to appreciate the elevated aesthetic and functionally offered by Infinity Drain. Their products, ranging from shower stalls to pool surrounds, can be as prominent or concealed as the space calls for.  This versatility allows designers and plumbers to make a collective decision on product type and placement.

To investigate the versatility of the Infinity Drain product, we visited a Hampton’s property undergoing a driveway renovation. “The vision for our driveway, which will be completely blacktop, was to introduce enhanced functionally and design. For the longest time, it was an overlooked facet of the property. By incorporating 5 rows of Infinity Drain systems, surrounded by 4 rows of brickwork, our 300ft blacktopped driveway will have a much more inviting look,” said the homeowner/ designer.

Typically, an outdoor Infinity Drain system is comprised of materials manufactured specifically for the project. However, the unique needs of this design called for the use of materials traditionally made for indoor use. By installing 3 S-AS 65 drains per row, making up a total of 5 rows, the drains were easily connected and look as if they are one solid piece. To ensure proper drainage, each system will also function as its own entity with one S-50 outlet per drain section.

This innovative design concept further exemplifies the versatility and functionality of the product. Infinity Drain, which proudly sources all materials and manufactures in the U.S., provides a fashion-forward and functional alternative to a traditional drainage system. These factors allow both home and commercial building owners to explore the infinite possibilities of water drainage.

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