Which Toilet Should I Choose?

Written By: Gwen Donovan

Today’s commode toilet offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and features. We spoke with Monica A. Flynn in Showroom Sales at Blackman’s Mahwah location, and she shared her insights about which are most popular and how to narrow down your choices. “We offer many types of toilets. The first two things that I like to ask my clients are who will be using the toilet and where will it be located in the house,” Monica said.

“The reason I like to know where it will be going is that a powder room is usually where we do a little more of a special look,” she explained. “Wall-hung toilets are fabulous and provide a clean look because the tank is hidden in the wall. For this specific type of toilet we sell a lot of Geberit systems. This type of toilet bowl is offered by many companies. The 6600 u1 model from Villeroy & Boch is a great well-priced wall-hung toilet.”

For those seeking a modern, streamlined look, Monica said a one-piece skirted toilet is beautiful and easy to clean. “Nooks and crannies in toilets are not a positive when children are using it,” she said. When budgets are a consideration, Monica suggests a two-piece style. “A two-piece toilet is sometimes easier to install because it is easier to carry two pieces compared to one. They are also less expensive if you are looking at the same style between a one-piece and a two-piece.”

When customers are shopping for bidets, Monica said there are several options. “We have Toto Neorest, which is a toilet with a bidet combined into one. Kohler offers a washlet toilet seat, which has a wand under the seat that rinses you with warm water that goes onto an existing Kohler toilet. This makes it easier because you do not have to replace a perfectly fine working toilet. Washlets are becoming more popular due to their versatile cleaning ability, but I would not put them into a powder room.”

Another factor to think about is the height of a commode, Monica noted. “Comfort height toilets have become the new norm due to the fact that they are higher than older styles.” Even the shape of the bowl varies, she added. “The only reason you would want a rounded front toilet is because of a space issue, an elongated front is preferred.”

While the decision-making process can be involved, Monica said a trip to Blackman often saves the day, “The best advice I can give is to visit a showroom and speak to a professional. They pick out toilets all day long, and are knowledgeable about the different needs and wants concerning their customers.”

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