Internships At Blackman: A Hands-On Experience

Here at Blackman we have a robust internship program and are proud of our intern team. Internships available at Blackman range from Human Resources, Supply Chain and Logistics, to Marketing. We are committed to developing future industry leaders. Our current Intern Team was tasked with sharing why they feel it’s #BetteratBlackman!

Francesca Crocombe

Marketing Internship at Blackman

I have been at Blackman since May working as a Digital Marketing Intern. In the marketing department, we have done a lot of exciting things. These exciting tasks have made me fall in love with marketing even more than I already am! One of my most memorable experience was working my first Blackman event, Kohler in Bloom, hosted at the Art League of Long Island. I was in charge of helping set up displays, preparing and organizing the goodie bags, as well as greeting and checking our guests into the event. This was certainly a night to remember and I’m looking forward to all of our upcoming events!

One important reason I decided to intern at Blackman was their culture of opportunity and diversity. They have an inclusive environment and do not discriminate for any reason. By working with different kinds of people, you better understand others while also learning more about yourself as an individual.

I have enjoyed interning at Blackman because it feels nice to be part of a community. On my first day, which was nerve-wracking, everyone was welcoming and friendly. From that day on I knew I would like it here at Blackman!

Richard Yonkers

Why intern at Blackman?

I started interning at Blackman the first week of June. I took on the role of Operations and Logistics Intern. As an intern, I was responsible for observing various processes throughout the company in the Distribution Center and in the Corporate Office. After observing each process, I would take my observation and translate it into a Visio Document. I would then break down the step by step of the process with everyone involved, including how long the process takes, where it took place, etc. I have had the opportunity to travel to various branches to see how they operate, talk to many people and get their outlook on certain aspects of operations, and work along some great colleagues.

One reason that I chose to stay at Blackman was that of the welcoming staff. Coming into my first day, which can be awkward and intimidating, my manager helped me feel at ease and comforted. Upon sitting at my desk the staff around me made me feel right at home and took away that nervousness. Working in this environment has taught me how to handle situations, and work with several people and varying personalities. I highly recommend interning here at Blackman!

Daniel Randazzo

Life as an Intern

Working here at Blackman is a dream come true! This is the perfect environment for accelerating your potential in both academia and the professional world. I will soon be celebrating my one-year anniversary with Blackman. Although I do have a lot of responsibilities underneath my belt, I have been performing well.

Each morning, I conduct multiple ROI analyses, for which I compare multiple aspects per branch on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. I like to go a step further and analyze the data populated, understanding what is the underlying cause for success or failure.

We also hold a strong presence on social media. Thankfully, we utilize a platform which allows us to post to multiple outlets and pages. It is a way to connect with our customer’s one step further and give potential customers a reason to visit our branches. In addition, we encourage customers to share their experiences with us. If customers opt to share, they typically post on review sites, such as Yelp or Google.

With that being said, I enjoy working at Blackman because we always put the customer at the forefront. We participate in, as well as host, a lot of trade shows, BBQs, and events in which people can enter to win a raffle or leave with Blackman monogrammed merchandise. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with or company to work for!

Emily Perrault

Human Resource Intern

I have been working as an Intern for over a year in the Human Resource department of Blackman. In my time here I’ve had the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of human resources and industry-specific processes alongside my amazing manager and coworkers. I’ve learned about recruiting, file retention, benefits and more. I also get to help with fun events held in appreciation of employees. For example, I’ve participated in BBQs, holiday parties, and ice cream parties.

I enjoy working for Blackman because I feel like I’m part of a team. Everyone is welcoming and ready to help you with any issues. I would recommend working here as an intern for anyone.

 Some Final Thoughts

Blackman is a great place to intern and kick-start your career. Visit our careers page to find out what positions are available at a Blackman near you!

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