Keeping Things Chill an Interview with Mike Zimmardi HVAC Division Manager at Blackman

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Summer will be here before you know it! Stay cool this summer with a selection of air conditioning options for any space in the home.

By Gwen Donovan

After a sweltering hot summer day, there’s nothing better than coming home to cool, refreshing air conditioning. Mike Zimmardi, Division Manager of HVAC at Blackman, recently shared his thoughts about some new and innovative cooling products available at Blackman this upcoming summer season. With many years of expertise in the industry, he explains how different options can enhance every room.

Central air conditioning is a leading choice for its ability to cool a home simply by adjusting the thermostat. Blackman carries the Ruud product line, known for their reliability and energy-saving features. “We have everything from basic to super high efficiency Ruud systems,” Zimmardi says. “The higher the efficiency, the lower your electric bill will be.”

Whether you need to install a new central air conditioning system or upgrade your current system, homeowners can ask a Blackman sales representative for names of multiple qualified contractors to do the job. “Blackman can recommend a contractor who will offer better service and better warranties. We work with dealers and contractors who are certified by the manufacturer,” Zimmardi notes.

When central air conditioning isn’t an option– due to a home being older or a new room addition that doesn’t require an entire system– ductless air conditioners are a great choice, Zimmardi says. “Ductless systems are good for older homes but they also work well in places you might not think of, like outdoor kitchens that are actually enclosed in a house-like environment, or garages. Some homeowners want a climate controlled environment for their car collections, and others have a small office built into their garage, so a ductless unit is perfect for those spaces.” He says these systems are also are ideal in parts of the home that get a lot of natural light like sun rooms or enclosed porches.

Blackman carries Fujitsu ductless air conditioning units which can are recessed and mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling. “You can have anything from a single zone to eight zones on a basic unit that is set up outside your home,” Zimmardi says. “You only need a two-and-a-half inch hole for the installation process, so there’s not a lot of construction involved.” These easy-to-install units can replace window, portable and wall units, which gives rooms a better design aesthetic and lessens noise, he adds. “These Fujitsu units are sleek, pretty and quiet. All you hear is the air blowing, there’s no rumbling or vibrations that you typically find in wall unit air conditioners.”

A highlight of the Fujitsu models is the heat mode for chilly summer days or any season of the year, Zimmardi adds. This user-friendly heat feature is available on all Fujitsu air conditioning units.

Still not convinced? Consider these points:
• Central air systems improve indoor air quality by filtering out allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander, making your home’s environment significantly healthier.
• “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity”: problem solved since central air reduces humidity.
• Since the central air conditioning mechanics (fan, compressor and condenser) are located outside, there is little or no interior noise.
• Unlike window air conditioners, central air conditioning won’t affect your home’s curb appeal.
• You will never have to install or remove window air conditioners as the seasons change.
• When it’s time to sell your home, air conditioning adds to the value and is a feature buyers seek.
• Central air systems are easily operated, a flick of the switch is all it takes to cool your entire home.

To control your air conditioning remotely, Zimmardi suggests upgrading your thermostat with one from Honeywell’s Lyric line. “These are really innovative thermostats that allow you to make your home a Smart Home. The Lyric thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home as well as your humidifier, air cleaner and even your door bell.”

For more information about central air conditioning systems, visit a Blackman Plumbing Supply Trade Counters. The expert staff can help you discover options for your home and budget, share information about energy efficiency features, and develop a plan to make this summer your coolest one ever.

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