Top 5 Reasons to Register on the Fujitsu Contractor Portal

Jim DePalma of Wales Darby Reviews the Fujitsu Contractor Portal

Fujitsu is known for their superior heating and cooling solutions. They offer a valuable online resource for contractors, installers and techs in the HVAC field, the Fujitsu Contractor Portal.

According to Jim DePalma, Fujitsu Contractor Trainer, their contractor portal is a comprehensive site sure to enhance any business. “There are a lot of reasons for professionals to set up a Fujitsu Contractor Portal page; I could go on and on. I have outlined five of the leading reasons why it’s a great place to register and learn more about Fujitsu’s product line.”

Below is Jim’s firsthand review highlighting the benefits of the Fujitsu Contractor Portal.


Fujitsu generates a tremendous amount of sales leads, and every contractor wants sales leads. Register on the portal to get your sales leads!


If a contractor does service work, the portal includes the service and installation manuals needed to troubleshoot Fujitsu systems. You can simply log on and download the manual you need.


This easy to use room-by-room load calculator allows a contractor to size the Fujitsu equipment. When you know the loads, you’ll have all the options available when selling a system to the homeowner.


There is a large selection of online training for contractors and techs. This information is worth viewing before installing a Fujitsu product. New hires can take “The Top 10 Installation Issues” training and know what to avoid. Thus preventing problems, so the job goes right the first time!


This is a great sales tool that compares the homeowner’s cost of fuel or electric from their current system and allows them to see the potential savings a Fujitsu system will provide on a yearly basis. It’s a very powerful sales tool.

Last Word:

“There are many more reasons to sign up for this portal,” Jim said. “By going to, contractors can locate tabs that can help explain a variety of things. Furthermore, they can learn what a heat pump is, how it works. They can learn what products are available from Fujitsu and how a multi-head Fujitsu system gives the homeowner zoning options. The learning opportunity is endless. It’s a great resource for all contractors.”

Jim DePalma, Director of Contractor Services
Wales Darby
5B Powder Horn Drive

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