U By Moen Digital Shower Controller

The Reviews Are In: U By Moen Digital Shower Controller

Make your morning shower a smart shower

Written By: Gwen Donovan 

Called “The Shower of Your Future,” the innovative U By Moen digital shower controller is getting high marks from happy customers. According to Jim Teixeira, Territory Manager for Wholesale Sales at Moen Incorporated, the number of five-star reviews at Moen.com is a testimony to this product’s appeal.

Customizable shower technology combines convenience and a high-tech approach resulting in the ultimate showering experience. Use your smartphone to set your shower to the perfect temperature and pause it until you are ready to get in. Compatible with Amazon Alexa (you can tell Alexa to start your preset morning shower), electronic controls allow you to change the water temperature with pinpoint accuracy for a truly customized experience.

First-hand experiences tell the story, too. Here are some of the amazing U by Moen reviews we have collected:

Tony in Rochester, New York said “Going for a shower in the morning is a joy, and not a shivering slog waiting for hot water or trying to adjust the temperature under the freezing/boiling spray! With the addition of a Bluetooth speaker and Alexa, I may never leave the shower. This also allowed me to install my shower head (rain shower) and my wife’s shower head (fire fighter nozzle) together! Resulting in total comfort.”

ShowerSam from Columbia, Missouri was equally impressed with the product as well as Moen’s outstanding customer service. “I love being able to remotely activate my shower, allowing it to get up to the preset temperature without having to step into the shower itself. Additionaly, it holds the temperature exactly even if someone flushes a toilet in the house. I also like to increase the temperature by a couple of degrees after my body has gotten acclimated to the temperature. A side bonus is having a kind of night light in the bathroom from the controller display.”

Taylor from Montana also raved about the U By Moen digital shower controller. He said “Decided to upgrade into modern day and pull away from the typewriter years. Absolutely love a one button push and my shower is exactly the temp I want. Don’t understand why this isn’t in every house today. It saves water, simple to use. It gets five stars when it integrates with Siri and plays music. Love it!!”

If you are looking for a product that makes life magical, consider the review of Ron from central New Jersey. “I thought of a digital shower controller about 20 years ago and finally Moen makes one that is great. It works with WiFi on your phone and actually works like it’s supposed to. Furthermore, It truly makes my life magical and fun to take a shower again. Thanks Moen for making a product that does what it says it’s going to do right out of the box. All my fixtures will be Moen going forward – I am a Moen customer for life.”

The Last Word!

In Conclution, with reviews like these, it makes the U By Moen digital shower controller a tempting buy for the bath. Visit a Blackroom showroom today for more information about this highly-rated product line from Moen.

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