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Color-Saturated Fabrics From the Brilliant Mind of Glass Artist Allison Eden

Written By:Gwen Donovan

Brooklyn-based glass artist Allison Eden recently collaborated with LebaTex on a curated line of fabrics emblazoned with her signature bold, bright graphic patterns. “Allison Eden Pop Art M.O.D.” (Manufactured On Demand) is just one of the many ways this creative artist expresses herself. She was chosen to design holiday windows for Bloomingdale’s in New York City in 2016 and 2017, and her work has been highlighted in numerous publications including Architectural Digest and Elle Décor.

Eden’s colorful handcrafted tile creations appear in the homes of fashion designers, singers, and even reality television stars: the kitchen backsplash she created for Kris Kardashian is one of her most-requested orders. Her award-winning designs have also been featured in Canyon Ranch locations, The Wynn Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman, The Plaza and The Ritz Carlton Hotels.

The idea of a fabric line made a lot of sense, Eden said. “I do a lot of interior design shows, fashion shows and tile shows, and I kept seeing Stacy (Garcia) from LebaTex. She kept asking me if I would do a fabric line, so we sat down and talked about it. Ultimately we came up with a line of drapery and upholstery fabric for commercial and residential spaces.”

That decision was based on Eden’s pop art aesthetic and fearless approach to color, she added. “I feel like the world needs more color and collaborating with LebaTex is a nice segue from tile. The collection has 20 different fabrics, all in different weights so they can be used for drapery, upholstery and pillows. I have even made three dresses from the fabrics using the lips, floral and stripes patterns, so the fabrics really can be used for anything.”

Stacy Garcia, Founder and Owner of LebaTex, said Eden’s inspired artwork was a perfect fit for her textile company. “Allison has a vision that’s beyond amazing and she absolutely personifies it. LebaTex has been lucky enough to collaborate with such an amazing artist and person that understands, ultimately, we as human beings want to have a little fun. And that’s exactly what is portrayed in Allison’s designs. They are characterized by eye-catching bright colors and bold shapes that draw you in.”

Decorating with this fabric collection instantly elevates the design quotient of any space, Garcia noted. “Allison’s fabrics offer a way to put art, not framed on a wall, but living in your space. Whether it’s a pop of color on a pillow or a statement chair with a funky colorful pattern…even if it is a drape, it’s an art piece. Allison’s fabrics are an affordable way to liven up a neutral room.”

This new fabric line is also made in America, an aspect that is important to Eden, she said.  “We just launched the fabric line and it’s all made in the USA. Everything I do has to be made in the USA.” Choosing a personal favorite among patterns like red lips, exotic palm leaves and spring flowers is a challenge for Eden, but she narrowed it down when she said “I like all the prints, but the one I like to wear the most is the blooming flowers because of its repeat.”

Whether constructing a mosaic glass tile wall or choosing one of her patterns in fabric, Eden explained the reason buyers are drawn to her visual style. “Everything is becoming more colorful, people are wanting–and have wanted for a while–something different from what they see at the Home Depot or their neighbor’s house. My work gives a room a show-stopping piece that’s custom-made, beautifully unique and over the top.”

Eden’s future plans include creating windows for Bloomingdale’s during Fashion Week as well as a seven-foot shoe for the store’s new shoe department. She enjoys staying busy as evidenced in her upcoming calendar. “I’ve been asked to do a show house in Palm Springs during Modernism Week, and I am creating a line of modernist tile. We do so well in Palm Springs, it’s one of my favorite places in the world, very fun and colorful.”

She also just launched a carpet line integrating detailed patterns like Starry Night, a geometric interplay of deep indigos and pure white; Thunderbolt, using dashes of gold, black and purple; or Waves and Flames, fluid lines on a background of soft gray.

Another area she would like to make an impact in embraces warm weather fun. “I really want to get into outdoor furniture, I’d like to see my prints used in umbrellas,” she said. “I don’t like seeing just black and brown furniture by the pool, it would be great to create colorful chaise lounges and cushions to be used outside.”

Alison Eden will be visiting our West Palm Beach Showroom on March 22nd to Launch her new line of textiles. RSVP Here .Her textiles and decorative pillows will be available at our West Palm Beach Showroom and Southampton Showroom.

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